At Work With Rewardstyle

At Work With Rewardstyle

Getting dressed for work is right up there with building skyscrapers on the list of the most difficult tasks we can think of. Think about it: in addition to following some sort of office dress code, you also have to worry about “dressing for the job you want.” No pressure or anything. Combine that with trying to have any sort of “personal style,” and you’ve got a full blown crisis on your hands. But before you hop back into bed, hide under the covers and give up altogether (girl, you’ve got to go get that cash!), we are launching a new series on workplace style that should help you work it all out (sorry, we had to).

That’s right, we are stopping into some of our favorite offices and forcing the occupants therein to indulge us by sharing just how they “work it” at work (last one, we promise). Our first stop? rewardStyle. Where else. Although it is not the most conventional of offices (there is a bar in the waiting room, after all), we felt it the appropriate first stop seeing as how we don’t know of an office more stylish than rewardStyle’s. And while it isn’t likely you’ll be able to transition your entire workplace into looking as fab as this one, with the help of Chelsea, Allison and Bridget, at least you can do something about your cubicle.

Chelsea: “Every day at rewardStyle is unique and exciting. Tomorrow I might hold a training session over breakfast, explain at lunch, meet clients for coffee and UX consulting, or design a custom digital monetization strategy over dinner. I want to be comfortable and confident in any situation, so I typically wear minimalist basics that I can transform accordingly.”




AllisonWhen it comes to my work style, my focus is on comfort.  You will typically find me in an easy dress that I’ve accessorized with fun jewelry or a bold lip. With little effort, I’ve got a polished look that is comfortable, but still fashionable.”




Bridget:  “Luckily rewardStyle is full of creative, open-minded and innovative people so I’m allowed to be pretty low maintenance when it comes to getting dressed for work. Picking out what to wear generally comes down to comfort and warmth (I’m always cold!). I live in my DL 1961 ’emma’ jeans, J. Crew ballet flats and Vince tops. I also love an easy dress that I can throw on and either dress up or dress down, depending on the day. Last but not least, I pair my old, beat up white Converse with everything. There is something integrally cool about Converse that I feel matches rewardStyle’s vibe. They make any outfit of mine feel ‘cool’ even if I’m not! “



images by SUKILYNN for TKC

  • Heather Brittany

    Love all of these babes! But yeahhhhh can’t wear any of these in my boring life! haha Xx


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