At Work With Vaunte

At Work With Vaunte

We have established that getting dressed for work can start to feel a little like Groundhog Day, with you playing Melanie Griffith in Working Girl on repeat (so bad, yet so, so good). We get it, you’ve been going to the same place and doing the same thing everyday and you are, understandably, over it. All you need is what every marathon runner needs in stage six of the race, affirmation to propel you straight into a sense of renewal. Lucky for you, we have just the team to catapult you back into your working life as Miranda Priestly.

Maybe it’s because they spend their days playing dress-up in a warehouse filled with like-new Alaia and Celine (OK, so it’s possible that’s just what we imagine they’re doing because, hello!, we would be), but our friends over at Vaunte know what it means to be career-driven and simultaneously fashion-focused. So take a little work-wear advice from the stylish crew running the world’s most stylish marketplace and then head on over to Vaunte to nab that Chanel blazer your work uniform needed as of yesterday. With all of the super-fab closets available to shop (consider this our shameless plug for the Tomboy KC closet sale launching today), you’ll be the office’s most stylish again in no time.

Her Fashion Philosophy: I tend to purchase things with the idea of being multifunctional and dressed up or down- from the office to dinner, feminine but sexy, tight but stretchy, sometimes pricey but always timeless.

A Few of Esther’s Favorite Things on Vaunte Right Now
Valentino Blue Dress
Hermes Red Kelly Handbag

Jonathan Bauder: I love a layer and all things leather. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

A Few of Jonathan’s Favorite Things on Vaunte Right Now
Saint Laurent Black Leather Jacket
Balenciaga Black Bucket Bag
Celine Black and White Loafers

Brittany Martorella: My style is classic and feminine. I like to look chic but comfortable. Pumps, skinny jeans and a sweater with a great jacket is my favorite fall look.

A Few of Brittany’s Favorite Things on Vaunte Right Now
Celine Black Sunglasses
Manolo Blahnik Black Suede Pumps
Hermes Black Birkin Handbag

images courtesy of Vaunte


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