Willa According to Katie

Willa According to Katie

We love showcasing Willa’s style around here because, to us, she is the definition of Tomboy KC. She pretends like she doesn’t have it going on, but the girl has it going on in more ways than one. Equal parts chic, casual, smart, funny, confident and independent, Willa is basically everything we look for in a friend. This girl knows what’s up.

I know I’m pumping her tires, but the truth is the truth. I love her guts… and not just because she sometimes reminds me of myself. Willa is a wonderful friend and the epitome of cool. At the end of the day she’s not afraid to just be Willa, and I love that.

— Katie Cassidy

on Katie – tank: c/o Whitney Eve / bra top: Cosabella / denim: RES Denim / sneakers: Converse



images by Lynsey Eaton for TKC

  • poppy

    I’m alsp a MASSIVE willlaaaa fan!! Since like the O.C days! And this just made me love her even more, she can just work anything and her attitude towards life is just so loveable and basically i just live her. Lol awks. Total fangirl.

  • This is plain awesome – the photos, the friendship, you guys!

  • Hannah

    Katie is so beautiful women! I’m so jealous about hair hair and eyes 😉 I hope she will do sth with fashion I mean.. help young ladies look good, have a blog etc. 😉

  • Aud

    I love Willa toooo! And Katie of course!! Can’t wait for Arrow to return!!

  • oliverandlaurel

    Katie is beautiful <3

  • Mary Theresa Fittos

    Love Katie and Willa!!! <3 Beautiful Ladies!! I love the cast in Arrow, would love to meet so many of them! Had the pleasure to meet Stephen Amell & Katie at Comic Con in Philadelphia and both wonderful people! I love this blog about style and fashion. So awesome they are apart of this blog which provides so many insights to fashion for anyone . Keep up the good work ladies!!


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