Why You Should Downsize Your Wallet

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Why You Should Downsize Your Wallet

I’ve always had a large wallet.  Think PTA mom gone wild.

It was home to my credit cards, club cards, year old receipts, loose pennies, expired coupons and a few pieces of chewed gum in old wrappers. I had everything I might need at a moments notice and if you would have asked me to take it down a notch I would have laughed at you. I needed all of those things.

But here’s the deal. If I ever actually needed a three year old receipt for a cup of coffee, I would have bigger problems than not being able to find it in my wallet because that would mean the IRS had come a knockin’ and was so interested in that one cup of coffee they couldn’t wait two seconds for me to track down a record of it. And those club cards and coupons? I’m pretty sure 99% of them were expired.

So after a lot of soul searching, I downgraded. I bit the bullet and bought a card case.  Not a smaller wallet. A three pocket card case.

At first I was terrified, especially when I had to narrow my selections down to two credit cards, an ID and some cash.  But after a few days I felt liberated.  When I was headed to the gym I could just reach in my purse and grab my little card case and put it in my pocket. Adios handbag! No need to sift through 25 pockets to find my license when asked to identify myself.

I had shed about ten pounds of loose paper and useless currency and felt liberated.

It’s been over a year and sometimes I see pretty wallets out and about and want to indulge.  But then I remember how easy life is (and how much cheaper a chic little piece of leather is compared to an entire wallet) and I reconsider.

I am a card carrying member of pretty much nothing and proud of it.

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Last year I downgraded. I bit the bullet and bought a card case.  Not a smaller wallet. A card case.

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card case: Celine (this one is similar and on sale)  |  zip pouch: Coach  |  patent wallet: YSL


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