Why I Don’t Buy ‘IT’ Pieces

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Why I Don’t Buy ‘IT’ Pieces

I have this theory about “IT” pieces (i.e., those fashion items that become so popular you see in every street style photo ever from season to season): they are more hype than anything else.

Before you present your argument to the contrary, let me explain.

Take the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. When I first saw them, I hated them.  Seriously, I hated them. But the more I saw them on the feet of well-heeled editors, the more I started to question myself. Maybe these were good and I just didn’t “get it.” Fast forward three months and I found myself stalking websites, getting on wait-lists and scrounging together every penny I had ever made in order to get myself a pair.  I finally did, and after being elated and wearing them everywhere for a week (OK, maybe a month), I tired of them.  The more I saw them places the less I wanted them. The same popularity that had changed my opinion on the sneaks had now dated them.

So I stopped wearing them. They are still in my closet because I can’t bare to rid of them (how epic is that Halloween costume going to be in 20 years!), but I haven’t worn them since the month I bought them.

Because that’s the deal with “IT” pieces. Just like a song that gets too much airtime, even if you loved them in the beginning, they’re destined to become overplayed. And good luck wearing one a year, much less five years, after its heyday.

So I developed a policy of not buying over-photographed, hyped-up pieces, no matter how much I love them, because they come with a time stamp. A time stamp and their own Instagram hashtag.

And the mandate has served me pretty well thus far. All of the things I’ve purchased have been quality items I loved because I loved, not because I was manipulated into lusting after them. None of them have faded into the background, all have retained their novelty.

But then I saw this Ellery top on sale for 75% off during the Moda Operandi sale and I broke my own rule. Despite the fact that I have seen more photos of it on street style blogs than on shopping sites, I caved. Because what’s the policy on well-photographed pieces that you loved from day one marked down from “never in my life” to affordable?

I’m testing that one out as we speak.

Shop Picks:

They come with a time stamp. A time stamp and their own Instagram hashtag.

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top: Ellery (a less expensive version here)  |  jeans: vintage Levi’s  |  loafers: Celine (old; similar here and here)

  • claunazzal

    I don’t know how to feel about the “It” pieces… I totally get you… because sometimes it happens to me, that I don’t like the Hype… but I learn that it also depends on the piece… because I had that feeling with the bomber jacket…Everybody was using it.. but Katie its making me love it! Of course I will not splurge my money on a designer one… but maybe have one from the high street its not that bad… I think that its my policy with the It pieces, since you will not wear them for the rest of eternity like a Leather jacket or a good blazer… you can go for the more affordable version if you think it worth it! 🙂

    • Lynsey

      I think that policy is the way to go. If you like a super trendy style, go for the less expensive version. That way you don’t have as much heartburn hiding it in your closet when you are sick of wearing it a few months later.

  • Skinny denim jeans are the only “it” piece that I can think of right now that have managed to progress to a closet staple status. (The colored ones though, I’m happy to just see them go.) I also don’t try to pay attention to trends too much. I’m only crazy about old classics that are making a comeback, like culottes!

    • Lynsey

      Really good point about skinny jeans. I remember when those came out (like 2005-ish?) and I was feeling super edgy when I bought a pair. Now they make up half of my closet.

  • Dylana

    The top is gorgeous!



  • Admiral Adama

    IT items that I think are fugly:

    *Wedge sneakers
    *Those cropped wide colonial pants
    *Louis Vuitton brown on brown bags
    *Uggs (Uggly)


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