Where to Shop: Ron Herman

Where to Shop: Ron Herman

When you tell people you recently moved to Dallas from Los Angeles, all they do is talk about the weather. Dallas is hot. Aren’t you going to miss the beach? How are you going to handle the humidity? Yada, yada, yada… Call me crazy or just really unaffected by scorching temperatures, but these all seem like the wrong questions to be asking. What these overly concerned citizens should be worried about is survival outside of the shopping metropolis known as Southern California. Right? I mean, for a girl that is California casual to the core (one of my first nights in Texas I went to dinner in jeans, a t-shirt and heels…BIG mistake) and just as polka-dot averse, my biggest concern upon kissing the golden state goodbye was, How much is a monthly plane ticket to get in some retail therapy at my favorite Cali boutiques gonna cost me?

Now it’s not that Dallas doesn’t have good shopping, it does. There is just a certain collected cool to the selection at California shopping staples that you can’t really replicate. A vibe I was willing to fly cross-country (and skip meals) for because it has always been one of those things that you just had to go to Los Angeles to understand…until now.

Thanks to the patron saints of the world wide web, Ron Herman, a Los Angeles fashion mainstay known for being the epitome of California cool and the West Coast shopping destination for the stars, has officially joined the e-commerce game making your life (and more importantly mine) a little bit easier.

Thanks to the interwebs, you no longer have to buy the aforementioned plane tickets and stroll down Melrose with an iced latte in hand (although do it if you are so lucky) in order to pick up the newest FreeCity beanie or peruse the expanding Ron Herman denim collection. No, you can just make yourself a pot of coffee and go sit back in your bed…in your Sundry sweatpants…in the air conditioning. God I love the internet.

For those of you wondering what all of the fuss is over, Ron Herman is one of those stores you can go in on a whim and walk out with wooden bookends for your etagere, an exclusive jacket you can’t find anywhere else and a fun gift for a friend’s birthday. I mean, they carry TKC favorite Shinola for goodness sake. Luckily, the new Ron Herman e-commerce site is just like visiting the real thing (OK, so you are less likely to bump into Reese Witherspoon buying the same Rails button-down as you while in your living room, but rest assured she is in fact doing it and you both have great taste).

Needless to say, upon learning of the newest addition to my daily web-stops, I immediately spent an hour online creating a must have list for fall (can we talk about this scarf?!) and trying to remind myself that I don’t need another pair of Frends headphones. Here is a snippet of my ever-expanding “list.” Please tell me you are also doing touchdown dances in your office. I’m fine being the only one, but that seems unreasonable given the circumstances.

— Lynsey Eaton

1. muscle t: Tyler Jacobs for Feel the Piece, $92 / 2. pajama jeans: Rag & Bone, $298 / 3. sherpa hat: FreeCity, $58 / 4. button-down: Commes des Garcons Play, $248 / 5. sneakers: Commes des Garcons Play x Converse (limited edition Converse), $148 / 6. stripe dress: Susana Monaco, $162

images courtesy of Ron Herman

Disclosure: Compensation for this post was provided by Ron Herman. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ron Herman.


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