What’s Your Go-To Dry Shampoo?

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What’s Your Go-To Dry Shampoo?

When it comes to dry shampoo, we have always been partial to Klorane. But seeing how much we use the stuff (Wash your hair? Who has time for that?!), we thought it might be worth exploring all of the options. So what does one look for in a dry shampoo?

For starters, the scent. What’s the good in masking days old hair grease with an aerosol that smells like a jar full of chemicals? But that’s just the start. When avoiding lathering up, we also expect product that doesn’t leave us looking like a skunk while perfectly fluffing and thickening our days old blowout. We don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Let us know your dry shampoo go-to. And if you’re one of the .000001% of people who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, go give it a try and then feel free to come back here and write a love letter to your newfound consort.

Shop Picks:

Seeing how much we use the stuff, we thought it might be worth exploring the options.

  • Sheaes

    Well, I’m using Schwarzkopf Schauma Cotton Fresh dry shampoo and however I pretty satisfied with the result (really do the job) sadly I can’t stand the scent (not chemicalish). Probably the problem is me because I’m really sensitive to smells (like really, even with perfumes, lots of them give me headache) so yes, I think I dare to recommend it. Although I’m open to new ideas.

  • Brooke

    When I am not using Klorane dry shampoo, I love using Batiste Cherry dry shampoo. Certain scents make me sick, but the cherry one is the best smelling dry shampoo I have tried thus far. Also the cherry one doesn’t cost that much.

    • Lynsey Eaton

      Oh! I’ve been meaning to try the Batiste Cherry – someone else had recently recommended it. My only aversion was it sounded like the smell would be too sweet. Good to know it’s not. I’ll have to give it a go.

  • Jess

    I like the Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes. I realise that’s a pretty useless recommendation for blondes, and it doesn’t look very appealing.. But it doesn’t give a dusty, dull white cast over my brown hair. And the smell is pretty subtle.

    • Jess

      Also, loving the new lay out. And I’m very pleased to have so many posts to read over my Saturday breakfast. Congrats and well done!

    • Lynsey

      Random tip: If you blow a shot of cool air with your blowdryer on the white spots it will, with most brands, get rid of that dusty look.

      Thanks for the kind words re: the layout. We are excited to FINALLY be able to share it!

      • Jess

        That would work. If I owned a blowdryer. (I’m not annoyingly low maintenance, I just have curly hair that doesn’t respond well to blow drying. Think Hagrid hair, not a good look)

    • A Smith

      Jess, where do you get your batiste brunette? I’m having a hard time finding it in stores!!

      • Lynsey

        We were able to track it down at Nordstrom (http://bit.ly/1GHouUh) and ULTA (http://bit.ly/1a11L8U).

        • A Smith

          Many thanks!

      • Jess

        I live in The Netherlands and you can find it at almost any drugstore here. Super unhelpful.. Sorry!

  • Esmeralda Hernandez

    Hi TKC!

    I’ve yet to try Klorane, but it is most def. on my to-try list (among other things, hehe!). I’ve been using the Suave Professionals Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo. It’s only $4.99, what-a-steal! I’m pretty satisfied, it leaves my hair smooth and textured plus it smells amazing.


  • Elizabeth Silva

    I love the Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder. While it’s mostly just a styling powder, it definitely absorbs the oils and gives your hair a bit of a volumizing boost. It’s pricey, but a little goes a long way. The best way I’ve found to use it is before you go to bed when you know you aren’t washing your hair the next morning (early wake-ups and all that usually mean skipping the hair wash in the shower). Sprinkle some on, massage it in, brush it out, and tie up your hair in a bun and go to bed. And then you can always sprinkle a little more in the next morning if it’s necessary.

  • Michelle

    Klorane hands down definitely, I usually spray my hair the night before (I’ve found it ‘sets’ better) and it lasts for the whole day after. Toni and Guy are great also.
    Unfortunately Batiste scents give me a headache.

  • Christina Montello

    I use lush No Drought, it is a powder which smells amazing and does not have all the gross toxic chemicals as the sprays. You do lose some of the benefits of the aerosol in terms of convenience but make up for it with the amazing smell, time it lasts (one container has last me over a year), and lack of bad chemicals.

  • Carly

    I love the big and sexy dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave a white powder and doesn’t have much of a smell.
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