What’s “In” This Season? Confidence.

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What’s “In” This Season? Confidence.

Without fail, the very first thing someone asks me when they find out what I do for a living is, “So, what is in?”

Every time, without fail, I don’t have a good answer. Not because I haven’t read countless stories on ruffles and how red is this season’s black, but because my entire fashion philosophy revolves around not caring about what is “in.” It centers on confidence and expression, making the aforementioned question a difficult one to answer without sounding like a cop out.

If you’ve ever read the TKC Manifesto, then you are well aware that we give “trends” their due attention, if only to see what our options are going to be each season. All the while maintaining that what’s fashionable is “doing you,” regardless of what some runway says about it.

I have this well-documented theory about “IT” pieces (i.e., those fashion items that become so popular you see in every street style photo ever from season to season): they are more hype than anything else.

I love to tell the story of my Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. How when I first saw them, I hated them. But the more I saw them on the feet of well-heeled editors, the more I started to believe these were good and I just didn’t “get it.” Fast forward three months and a few wait-lists and IOU’s later, I finally got a pair. I wore them everywhere for a few weeks and then I tired of them.  The more I saw them places the less I wanted them. The same popularity that had changed my opinion on the sneaks had now dated them. So I stopped wearing them.

All of the women I know who I consider to be truly stylish, rarely incorporate trends – at least not in expected ways. They take risks or don’t, but they always look like themselves. They cross vintage with new and garage sale with luxury and never look like they stepped out of a trend story in a magazine. They buy what they like, not what a magazine (or blog!) tells them to.

And guess what? Those same women, the ones who are unapologetically themselves, are usually some of the most badass women I know on the inside.

Surprised? I expect not.

That’s because this philosophy isn’t just fashion focused, it’s a mantra on life. It’s a call to focus on self betterment and happiness as opposed to social acceptance and material consumption. And avoiding trends, fashion and social alike, is just a small part of that.

I wish I could say I never fall victim to trends and always just go for what makes me feel more “me,” more confident. But that would be a lie and the Isabel Marant sneakers I still have collecting dust in my closet are proof.

But what I can say is that I want to strive every day to focus on helping others, being empathetic and loving me for who I am rather than what society says is “in.” That what I have and wear is less important than who I am.

And to you, I give the the same response I give every time someone asks me what is “in”: Wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. What makes you smile, work harder and think about your clothes less. Everything else is just a sales pitch.

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Without fail, the very first thing someone asks me when they find out what I do for a living is, “So, what is in?”

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dress: Ètoile Isabel Marant  |  bag: Valas  |  boots: Valas (we also love this less expensive option)


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