To Heel, or Not to Heel

To Heel, or Not to Heel

Funny thing about this look: We debated for quite some time whether it should involve sneakers or heels.  Sneakers or heels. Sneakers or heels. While classic heels seemed like the “appropriate” solution to the footwear problem (who are we kidding, they always look good), something about it just didn’t feel right.  We were running around town.  Who wears heels to run errands?  A glutton for punishment, that’s who.  So we dropped the pretense and the stilettos and opted for a more casual and comfortable option, but not before snapping a few shots with the aforementioned Manolos.  Although nothing about the look changed except for what Katie had on her feet, the vibe of each ensemble couldn’t have been more different. It just goes to show, all that matters are the shoes (as if we didn’t already know that).

And here are the heels. What do you think? To heel, or not to heel, that is the question.  Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the blisters and bunions of outrageous fashion, or to just say screw it and stick to comfortable sneakers.  We know where we come down on this one.  What we want to know is, where do you?

photographed by Lynsey Eaton for TKC

It just goes to show, all that matters are the shoes (as if we didn’t already know that).

In the post:

sweater: c/o David Kahn | t-shirt: Zoe Karssen | leggings: Helmut Lang | sneakers: Converse | handbag: Ralph Lauren Collection (similar here) | cuff: vintage | rings:  Elahn Jewels, Jacquie Aiche and c/o Henri Bendel | necklaces: Falling Whistles and Kathryn Bobb | sunglasses: Panama Jack / heels: Manolo Blahnik | nailpolish: Essie ‘Shearling Darling’

  • Dani

    Heels….but I love it if you were chucks. ♥


  • I think both looks are awesome – it’s funny how one slight change can morph an entire outfit.

  • I’m most definitely a “heels” girl…but that’s not to say that the sneaks aren’t a valid option; maybe stash one or the other pair in a tote, to switch things up as the day progresses?! Because you’re right – just changing the shoes gives the whole look a completely different energy…and you never know when you might suddenly need to go from uptown to downtown!!

  • Justin

    Definitely sneakers but i can’t say that i don’t like seeing those feet in heels!… haha :-p I now have to run my 2nd errand…

  • No heels!!!! love the site!!!

  • you look gorge in both, but I would go for the heel!

  • Sam

    You loll amazeballs in both but as I total observer of the public, I would go for converse everyday and heels on date night or other special occasions (red carpet) #foreverdedicatedtoMZKATIECASSIDY

  • i really love your jacket!!!!!! XoXo

  • NUR

    i love your eyebrow!! can you show us a tutorial or what some kind of product you used to tint your eyebrow????????

  • LOVE this outfit, absolutely better in heels.

    Love from Spain 🙂


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