On the Balcony

On the Balcony

When #TeamTKC made a pit-stop in Vancouver a week or so ago for a few choice photo shoots of a few choice people (one of which is coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned), Mother Nature welcomed us to O Canada with thunderclouds and rain. So instead of marching around town and ruining our camera equipment in our off time, we decided to take some shots in Katie’s apartment and somehow ended up playing around out on the balcony. It was cold and rainy but made for some killer shots of Van City. The things we do.

And while Katie kept risking her life lifting herself up on the balcony rail (Ok, so it wasn’t really that dangerous), our resident risk averse editor (a.k.a. Lynsey) huddled in the corner and refused to watch while Katie laughed. Behind. The. Scenes. This is blogging people.

shirt: Rag & Bone (similar here) / denim: RtA / belt: Hermes / bag: Celine (lusting after this one, and love this one for summer) / sneakers: Lanvin (on sale here) / rosary: similar / rings: similar

images by Stephen Bimson


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