I Rock Tom Ford

I Rock Tom Ford

I get obsessed with things.  It is true.  I find a lipstick I love and I wear it until it is down to the nub (or my friends tell me the vamp look is over… which will be NEVER). I learn a new hairdo and I do it until there is no doing it anymore.  And when I get on a kick about a particular area of my closet (this month it happens to be over the knee boots), I go out and find myself obsessively purchasing (or looking to purchase) one (or two) in every color.

I am not sure what it is about me as a person that makes me decide I am lacking in sweaters and then forces me to only buy sweaters for two months straight, but this is who I am. A person that falls so deeply in love with a look that I can’t imagine wearing anything else.  I can’t begin to contemplate why anyone wouldn’t want to spend all of their allocated shopping time staring at ripped denim, that is, until the moment I become transfixed on something else.

I have a one track mind.

And right now that track reads like a Jay-Z song, “Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford.”

I have a one track mind. And right now that track reads like a Jay-Z song, “Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford.”

In the post:

jacket: IRO  |  t-shirt: Haute Hippie  |  jeans: Rag & Bone  |  belt: Salvatore Ferragamo  |  clutch: Tom Ford  |  boots: Tom Ford  |  rings: Elahn Jewels, Dana Rebecca Designs (here) and Jacquie Aiche

  • These boots are INCREDIBLE!! And I always say I don’t have a “tomboy” bone in my body…but I must, ’cause I LOVE the looks you put together!!

  • I like that two-toned leather jacket 🙂
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  • Katy

    The boots are really awesome, I’m always scared to try some over the knee boots as I thought I would look ridiculous. Having seen these and the way you’ve styled them, well I’m going to have to get some!

  • Holy heck those boots are HOT!

  • Heather Brittany

    Seriously?! I want it all. Obsessed.

  • Ohhhh myyyy gooooddddd i need that boots!!!!!!! I thing will be my christmass gift of my husband…. hahaha visit my blog http://www.elenkolr.tk

  • Tausala

    wow, I wish I could dress like that..

    When I’m older, I want to dress like Katie Cassidy !

    -fashion/role model material

  • Love that jacket and those killer boots!!! #want #them !!
    Toedels, Axelle

  • Does anyone know if you can order that Jacket online?
    xxx Axelle

    • Tomboy KC

      Hi Axelle,

      Here is a link to the jacket online: http://bit.ly/1cq2wFl
      We also included other similar options in the scroll bar at the end of the post! xx

  • I love your blog!! Visit mine http://www.elenkolr.tk

  • Katie you are stunning!! I am absolutely obsessed with this outfit. We have very similar styles — those boots are drool worthy

  • I think I read somewhere that Tom Ford was going to Australia, Sydney I think I read right. He must be doing things right.

    Oh here is the article: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/executive-living/fashion/tom-ford-opens-a-single-store-in-a-sleek-and-sexy-space/story-e6frg8k6-1226163336630

  • Georgina

    Those boots are amazing! Are there any similar with a lower heel that I’d be able to comfortably wear all day? xx

    • Tomboy KC

      Hi Georgina,
      We linked to a few lower heeled over-the-knee boot options in this feature: http://tomboykc.com/shorts-and-sweaters-stick-together/
      Make sure to scroll through the “SHOP THE POST” section!

      • Georgina

        Ah sorry, I totally missed that! Thank you 🙂 xo

  • Sydney

    So I’m loving the outfit (of course) but where in the world can I find that gorgeous lipstick!? It’s the perfect shade for this season! I don’t think I could pull it off but I’d like to try! Have you done any beauty posts about your signature vamp lip?


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