Get ‘Boneable’ Hair

Get ‘Boneable’ Hair

It’s time for a confession: For two years of my life, I had hair extensions.  You see, I went from blonde to brown, to blonde, to jet black, then to  bleached blonde… You get the idea. And as you can image, by the end of it all, my hair was closer in texture to Kentucky Fried Chicken than any mane I’d ever seen.  It was bad, to say the least.  So in my world, the obvious alternative was to get extensions.  Which sounded great at the time but, after trying everything from Great Lengths to sew-in, the extension experiment made me wishing for the days fried chicken hair was my only problem.

I wanted my natural hair back. Conveniently, right about this time I booked a little show called “Arrow” and found myself in the chair of the “Hair Master,” Paul Edwards, on a weekly basis. Paul is a genius when it comes to color, styling and making a ‘do look fab.  My first day on pre-production Paul took one look at me and said, “Katie Cassidy, what the hell did you do to your hair? We are taking this shit out and getting your hair back.”  After over a year with Paul at my side (and tricks up his sleeve), I’m happy to say these locks are 100% NAT-UR-AL! About time.

Here are just a few of the lessons I learned along the way:

1. Take BIOTIN (a vitamin that helps hair and nail growth) daily. They even have leave-in Biotin hair serums that work on repairing your hair directly (here).
2. Wash your hair at little as possible.  Instead, use dry shampoo on days when you don’t wash your hair. I know it sounds gross, but trust me on this one.
3. Lower the temperature on your irons, ladies. It’s an easy thing to do.  Remember, you aren’t trying to bake a cake.
4. To that end, when you don’t have to iron or blow dry, don’t. All of that heat takes a toll on your hair.  Give it a break (pun definitely intended) every now and then.
5. Monthly Dust ups (slight trims) are essential.
6. If extensions are a must, use clip-in. No exceptions.
7. I sleep with coconut oil in my hair from time to time.  Definitely worth a try!
8.  When styling, I love putting Moroccan Oil on the ends of my hair.  It smooths everything out and conditions split ends in the process.
9.  And last but not least, when you are looking for a little more body, try Lea Journo’s “Pouf” Volumizing Spray. I live for it.

Any tricks up your sleeve? Do share! This mane is still a work in progress…

Lower the temperature on your irons, ladies. It’s an easy thing to do.  Remember, you aren’t trying to bake a cake.

In the post:

Sunglasses: Karen Walker  |  Infinity Scarf: Scoop  |  T-shirt: Zoe Karssen  |  Cordouroy pants: AG by Adriano Goldschmied  |  Booties: Schutz  |  Handbag: Celine

  • Gabi

    Katie, you are so wonderful and amazing. Also I may have just squealed loud enough to wake up my mum because of the gorgeous new photos of you. You’re simply wonderful, beautiful and talented. I do hope that one day you’re able to make it to Australia and visit us over here.

  • My hair is a disaster even if I actually take pretty good care of it. But a little too much sun, a bad hair coloring and here we go. I’ve started using Moroccan Oil recently, I almost never use heat on my hair so what’s left to do is buy these magical biotin pills!

  • Brandi

    Or wash your hair as much as you want and use low/no residue shampoos. And if you are in a sunny happy place, you sit on your porch and naturally dry your hair in the sun ( which I try to do a few times a month ).

    I’m definitely going to be adding Biotin to my regimen though 🙂

  • Ilaria

    well, now I just wish I had your locks, they look amazing! Great color btw.
    And now I just want that magnificent scarf!

  • hahahaaha…share it with my girlfriends..everyone break out to their hair…it’s the easy victim of our style…


  • I like the hair and the pants 😀
    xx Stephanie

  • I love Bumble & Bumble products. I live for their Prep spray. I find not washing every day has helped my hair ALOT. My hair is finally back to where I want it 2 years after having my son. The postpartum hair loss is KILLER!

  • I seriously went through pretty much the exact thing with my hair! Going back and forth between the darkest of browns to blonde, my hair has definitely suffered for it. I try doing a keratin treatment at least once a year to minimize the heat I have to use on my hair! Plus I love being able to get out of the shower and not worry about doing my hair 🙂

    How would you describe your hair color/what you ask for?

    • Tomboy KC

      Hey Cristina,
      Katie actually colors her hair herself (I know, we can’t believe it either). Expect a post on the process coming soon! xx

  • Anne

    I do wash my hair every day even though I know it’s bad for them. But I tend to have fairly greasy hair and I hate that. I know washing everyday probably makes it worse though. Anyway, I always thought dry shampoos made your hair look so dirty, but maybe I just have bad memories from my friends using this in the early 90s haha! Does dry shampoo really make your hair look cleaner?
    Good thing is I never use a hair dryer (too lazy for that 😉 ) and I barely ever colored my hair, maybe 2 or 3 times in my life and I’m 30. However, I used to have beautiful hair, dark, shiny and heavy, always perfectly in place with no efforts, everyone was so jealous. But now, I am the one jealous of my younger self as they are kinda dull and thinner. I guess I’m just getting old haha! I’ll give a try to Biotin.

    Love your hair on those pictures and love your style Katie. You look beautiful! Although I think you lost a little too much weight lately, I like when your face is a bit fuller 😉 (not that it’s any of my business)

  • Jay

    You look amazing in any hair color, which is why I assume you’ve hopped around so much. 😉 Despite the damage, your hair has always looked fabulous through the years, but I’m happy to hear it’s back to it’s natural glory!! As someone blessed (or rather, cursed) with wild curls, I definitely struggle with keeping my hair looking great and am constantly trying to find new products to keep it healthy and pretty. Thanks to you, actually, I’ve been using Lea Journo products for a few years now and it’s definitely one of the best products my hair has been indulged with.
    Loving the blog, Katie & crew. Very fun, very informative, and I just love seeing new pics of Katie 🙂 You look great, girl!!!

  • Maheen

    Good advice. Did you ever try co-washing? It saves your hair from the harshness of shampoos.

  • NUR

    you get the MOST BEUTIFUL HAIR eVeR!!’s so lucky if got hair just like you…for me less shampoo and more ConDitiOnEr and dont forget return to the salon for touch-ups!!

  • I was introduced to you through Supernatural. You were my favorite Ruby, blonde, feisty and I loved your hair then. When you came on the screen in Arrow I squealed “SHE’S A BRUNETTE – YES!!!” Your hair is amazing this season all that hard work paid off! Can’t wait to read more! ox

  • Thank you for all the tips – I am a FIRM believer in the power of Biotin. I used it for a few months and was like “This isn’t working, why am I wasting the money.” As soon as I stopped my nails got super brittle again, and my hair didn’t have the same look. I will never make that mistake again.

    ** I wish I had your waves Katie – mine look like an 80’s perm that went bad. 😉

  • Zi

    One nice tip my hairdresser once told me is to put a little bit of olive oil (extra virgin) on your hair cream, when you’re moisturizing your locks at home, or even put it directly on the strands (but away from your roots, ladies) overnight, and wash normally in the morning. It does WONDERS 🙂

    Also, your RSS feed isn’t working, and I want to keep tracks on this website SO BAD.

  • I love your boots!!!!! What’s aboit halloween cooking??? I sent you my recipe!!!

  • evah

    Best beauty tricks ever= NATURAL BEAUTY

  • Bluemoon

    I love you since Supernatural. You’re my girl crush you were such a bad-ass on Supernatural that when you left I was so upset. You look beautiful I imagine you as a bad ass bitch in-real life like a chick that can kick butt. That outfit is wicked cute.


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