Black and White

Black and White

I remember being told not to wear white after Labor Day by a much older and wiser woman when I was younger and thinking, Why Labor Day? That arbitrary date makes as much sense to me now as it did then. I have since learned that fashion is all about creating rules and breaking them. And while the “No white after Labor Day” rule has always been one I chose to ignore, at least this season the entire fashion community seems to be on board with me, as black and white is clearly the color combination of choice. Well aren’t we all just a bunch of rule breakers (or makers, depending on how you look at it)?

I have since learned that fashion is all about creating rules and breaking them.

In the post:

jacket: Helmut Lang  |  tank: ATM  |  jeans: Rag & Bone  |  belt: Salvatore Ferragamo  |  bag: Tom Ford  |  boots: Burberry  |  sunglasses: Maison Martin Margiela

  • nur

    black + white outfits = NeVeR diES!!
    by the way your styles is tOttAlly BooMmm!!!

  • Love those jeans!

  • Black + white is totally classy and Katie never fails when it comes to ANYTHING.
    pretty outfit for such a pretty lady

  • i love your suit!!!! my blog

  • shahrokh

    black is the most magestic color ,an attractive woman like u seems secret,and one!black must be semi brightness and totaly same contrast in all of covers-shoes,shirt,and cover on foots eyeglass ,watch…only hairs could be highlight or brown or blck,if that is not,seems alittle low class,and must all be clean!that is so difficult to keep clean a good black color,so wear them in the final time u want show them!forgive me my english is not good!i love my favorite actress ,KATIE CASSIDY,DR.SHAHROKH

  • Justin

    Was the wiser woman your Grandma?! I love it when Katie is in black and white and please continue to make and break the fashion rules!! Last photo is sick by the way!


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