We’re Bad at Summer

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We’re Bad at Summer

It’s an ongoing joke around here that we are bad at summer.

Not that we aren’t good at swimming pools and popsicles. If someone needed a book on beach volleyball and bathing suits, we are pretty sure we could write it.

What we mean is, we are bad at dressing for summer.

We aren’t drawn to bright colors, the shorts section of our closet would be considered weak by any standard and putting together a look with just one layer seems altogether pointless from our perspective.  Despite the insufferable heat, we find ourselves dressed in denim or throwing on our favorite blazer to complete a look like it’s October in the South of France.

After a case of heat stroke and sweat stains you’d think we would have learned our lesson.

But here’s the thing! Why in the layer loving world do we need to to wear cut-offs AND crop tops? Together.  It’s not like most places we are headed don’t have air conditioning. And really, just how important is Vitamin D? Surely we could just take our summer wardrobe fund and invest it in vitamins and Uber rides. As far as we are concerned, it’s a much better use of our scrilla.

Of course, there is an argument to be made that we just aren’t being open or creative enough when it comes to floral and fruit prints.  Arguably, we could just drop the blazer and run around in boyfriend shorts and linen t-shirts for the remainder of the summer.

But who are we kidding?  You might as well ask us to go streaking.


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Putting together a look with just one layer seems altogether pointless from our perspective.

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jacket: Veronica Beard  |  t-shirt: H&M  |  shorts: NSF  |  booties: Rag & Bone  |  handbag: Celine  |  necklace: Ashley Pittman  |  v rings: similar here  and here  |  bar rings: Dana Rebecca


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