Welcome to My Bedroom

Welcome to My Bedroom

Oh God, there are not many things that make me as self conscious as my home. I have such a clear vision for what I want it to look like, it’s as if the only thing I can see when I look at it are the holes. The work that is still left to be done. The pieces I need to find. The paint that needs to go up.  My husband once told me if I would stop pointing out all of the problems, people would stop seeing them.  And he’s probably right. I recognize that there are bigger issues in the world and, frankly, in my life. But like a fourteen year old girl looking in the mirror, the issues are all I see.

About a month ago, I made a resolution that I was going to start working on our master bedroom. Every room in our house needs some work thanks to our recent move, but I figured this was the one I spent the most time in. So I cleaned out the old furniture, made the bed and went a little crazy on the Lulu & Georgia Black Friday sale. When it came time to prioritize, I decided that if we could just get our nightstands under control (which would require obtaining nightstands to get under control) that would be a positive step forward.

So I picked up a pair of side tables, some fun accessories and a few prints at Lulu & Georgia. I’m all about the small details, so there are a few things that are personal on each side. For example, the print hanging on my side of the bed is of West Texas (my stomping grounds) and my husband’s is of LA (his hometown). With all of the modern accents (I’m a sucker for Jonathan Adler accessories, and Lulu & Georgia had a huge variety), I decided to go with a more traditional rug (it also helped that it was insanely well priced). The result is proof that even the smallest additions make a huge difference.

Sure, I am still waiting on our lamps, I haven’t scheduled the painters and the other half of this room is virtually empty, but I won’t point that out for the moment. I’m feeling pretty good about my baby steps for once.

In case you are looking to take a few baby steps of your own, Lulu & Georgia is offering readers 20% off for a week with code tomboy20. Just in time for the holidays. Am I right?


My husband once told me if I would stop pointing out all of the problems, people would stop seeing them.  And he’s probably right.

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nightstands  |  face vase  |  black vase  |  gold urchin  |  horn sculpture  |  West Texas print  |  LA print  |  rug

  • Tina

    Love it!!! It looks Fab!!

  • very nice. Love the minimalistic feel with the mix of feminine and masculine details.
    – KL http://www.aveclui.com

  • shel

    the rug and the bed are amazing finds – you should be proud!
    i understand the battle of the reno where no room ever feels finished, but its our home and we are so in love with it and all its potential will be reached in good time. enjoy the journey x


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