Bloggers at Coachella

Bloggers at Coachella

This week style bloggers everywhere typed up their thoughts and posted images of weekend one in the sunny Coachella Valley. I’ve become convinced they do this just to add to my already-overflowing-jealousy, but what do I know? So while they spent their time immersed in the sounds of Flume and Flosstradamus (please sense my bitterness), every blogger in Indio, California also managed to squeeze in some time to document get-ups that have made this event far more than just a music festival. Is it just me or has Coachella become one of the country’s biggest fashion events? While the infamous Coachella boho-chic isn’t my traditional go-to, I’ve weeded through the thousands of Coachella posts and found among them three that have me packing my bags for the desert.

Jenny Ong of Neon Blush Overalls, white on white, and a flawless Rag & Bone hat (that continually reappeared in Instagram after Instagram).  All this pictured in a quintessential desert backdrop – need I say more?

Louise Roe of Louise Roe – Five Words: bright blue Jinny Kim sneakers.

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast – A girl who knows the true keys to my heart – leather and silk in all black. She can stay. And by stay I mean does she want to share closets?

Who is ready for round two?

Chelsea Parker



images via Neon Blush, Louise Roe and FashionToast

  • Louisa

    How amazing are those black shoes in the last image. Want want want….

  • Can I just say first off THANK YOU – for finally showing some REALISTIC shoe wear for music festivals. I’m not sure about Coachella, I’ve never been, but all the magazines and blogs I’ve been reading I keep seeing bloggers and editors showing boots that cost around $300, or heels, or holy mercy FLIP FLOPS!!!?!?!? Maybe it’s because I like to be in the thick of the crowd, as far front as possible but when I go to a music festival, unless I’m on the beach, footwear that is comfortable and functional is my go to. Being cute is a consideration but I’m honestly not going to wear cute wedges, or heels to walk in the grass, and I’m certainly not going to go for open toed anything if I’m going to be in the crowd. These VANS like styles you listed are perfect!!! Slip on, slip off, and they are easy to wash off if you get stuck in the mud. I’m an avid supporter of the slip on, as well as boots but only if they are disposable – if you’ve ever been in the rain, or the mud, or … um… heavens know what else has been spilled, or worse out in the grass at a show, you know it can’t be avoided every time you step. Thanks for keeping it real!!!! ox

    • disposable boots – as in, not expensive or you could careless if you trash them at the show… Rain Boots are KEY for rainy and messy pits of mud. I’m happy to say I survived Music Midtown in ATL last year, in a down pour in my slip on vans! Mud, muck, and gross port-a-pots and all.

      • Tomboy KC

        Girl, we totally get you. Ain’t no party like a festival party and a festival party is all muck. As an aside, Asos has some pretty killer slip-on sneakers for just under $40 – We just grabbed the floral pair. Think they are both cool and would meet your definition of “disposable” should they need to. xx

  • mr. mixalot

    Great shots! On a practical application note, my coachella app wasn’t working this weekend so I came back and built this easy to use site: it also makes it easy to explore the artist’s. Hope you like it Tomboy KC

  • Lotti

    Great article, love the photos. I have a Jewelry company that focuses
    on festival jewelry that would enhance these looks. Check it out We take a portion of our proceeds and donate to put music and art in schools for kids.


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