We Are TKC and This Is Asoka

We Are TKC and This Is Asoka

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your own rap song? Like all of your thoughts, hopes and dreams wrapped up into one soulfully rapped poem set to a perfectly orchestrated beat? We would be lying if we pretended we hadn’t thought about it and failed miserably at our attempts to make one ourselves (everyone has their talents, OK). Lucky for us, about two months ago we received an email from a reader promising us (and by connection, all of you) just that. Today is your day, lady birds. Independent hip-hop artist The Asoka wrote and sent us a Tomboy KC inspired rap. Yep, you read that right. You now have your own #TeamTKC rap song. But don’t thank us… Thank Asoka. He did the whole thing along with his team (#TeamAsoka). Not only did he write a pretty killer lyric, but he also totally gets us (and our love for Karen Walker, Shinola and Henri Bendel). Oh, and did we fail to mention he made a music video (above) which he nailed (the girl in the video is even using Clinique Chubby Sticks!!) and had Pappa Artwork put together “album covers” (below)? Well now we did. Listen. Watch. Jump for joy. Today is the day TKC goes urban and it’s all thanks to a rapping reader named Asoka.

In case you love (how could you not?!) and need a little more from the man of the hour, Asoka has an album available on iTunes called “Heart of a Lion” which features Dr. Dre & Eminem’s protege Stat Quo, Bobby Creekwater (a former Eminem artist), and Knoc-Turn’al, amongst others. Needless to say, the guy keeps good company. Thus, it is not surprising he was recently nominated for best Hip Hop Act at the VH1 Sound Nation Awards. We couldn’t have picked a better guy to put TKC to music if we had set out to do so ourselves.

Thanks for reading people. It’s shit like this that makes us truly love what we do. You are a super talented bunch. You. Rock.

cover art by Pappa Artwork
video produced by The Asoka & Q-Brick
video directed by The Asoka & Farisai Kambarami


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