we are calling in “sick” of cold weather

It is stupid cold outside. As in, it is so cold that we are only using half of our brain this morning because the other half is still on defrost. Our toes are purple, we are wrapped in blankets indoors and the sun that is currently beating through our windows is merely teasing us to go outside and get frostbite all over again. The polar vortex wins. Seriously kids, there are not enough layers for this. Jack frost isn’t just nipping at our nose, no, he took a full bite out of it the minute we walked out the door.

Needless to say, you are going to have to excuse us if the only thing on our minds this morning is how to keep (and stay) warm.  And while what we are really Googling right now are semi-chic face masks (thinking this could do the trick), we decided that looking like a criminal might not be on everyone’s cold weather battle plan. Instead, we put together a complete list of coats (big, warm, fuzzy coats) that might prevent us from turning into a Popsicle on our way home tonight. The good news? Most of them are on sale, meaning buying a coat to keep warm won’t cost you an arm and a leg (although going without one might).

coats in photo: blue and leather – Mason c/o Intermix / houndstooth: Theory (on sale here) (We bought this baby months ago when cold was but a figment of our imagination. Today, we are glad we have a shopping problem.)


  1. I could pretty much see myself wearing any one of these coats (the black wrap coat with the oversized collar is particularly delicious!) but we are lucky enough weather-wise here in Vancouver right now that I don’t need to!! Not that I’m rubbing anyone’s nose in it…Mother Nature is notoriously fickle, and things could change at any given moment; but that also applies to everyone dealing with a cold snap right now!! Chins up!!