Don’t Be Cliche’ This Valentine’s Day

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Don’t Be Cliche’ This Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that we aren’t Valentine’s Day’s biggest fans.  We’ve made that pretty clear.  Needless to say, we aren’t losing sleep over overpriced red roses or chocolate-covered sub-par strawberries, nor are we out making reservations for over-priced meals with unwanted wine pairings. As a general rule, we don’t love the idea of obligatory cash spending on things we wouldn’t want or value any other day of the year.

But here’s the rub, you can try to avoid it all you want (been there, done that), but if you have a significant other and you give Valentine’s Day the proverbial finger at their expense, they’re likely to not be so understanding. The truth of the matter is, someone is going to ask said other what they “got” for Valentine’s Day and because “a generous dose of respect for the person I’m dating” isn’t an acceptable response, you’d better at least pretend to play the game.

So how do you play without going all in on a losing hand?  When it comes to gifts, go less for pink and gimmicky and lean toward things your main squeeze would appreciate any day of the year.  Our pick? Anything from Shinola. Here’s why:

  1. Linen Notebook + Brass Pen – This one is good for him or her. A high quality (and not to mention useful) notebook and carry-worthy brass pen are at the top of our list. Pen a love letter in the front and you’ve managed to give a gift that is both romantic and practical, all while beating the greeting card companies at their own game.
  2. Accordion Leather Crossbody – A new everyday crossbody is always something we both need and want. Not to mention, it doesn’t scream commitment, making it a good buy for those who just started out on that journey we call love.
  3. The ‘Birdy’ Watch – For those looking to splurge for the holiday but are in search of an alternative to jewelry (bravo, trendsetter), let us suggest the Shinola ‘Birdy’.  Whether your woman is a leather strap lover or of the rose gold persuasion, Shinola has a little ‘Birdy’ fit for her.
  4. The Shinola + Zippo Lighter – Take your classic Zippo and throw in a little downtown cool and you’ve got a low-key gift that any guy would appreciate. Consider it a step-up from whatever sugary-sweet present you were considering.

You feel us?


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