My Travel Beauty Routine

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My Travel Beauty Routine

If you’ve been watching on Snapchat (or Insta Stories, for those so inclined…), I left for London this morning. In fact, I am en route to the UK as I type this. very. sentence.


Anyway, as much trouble as I have packing my suitcase for long trips to far away lands (particularly those where the weather is decidedly chilly), I have my travel beauty routine down to a science. Which is important, considering I need all of the room I can get in that suitcase for the four coats, seven pairs of boots and three hats I decided to bring.

Because I can’t bring the plethora of beauty products I interchange at home depending on daily skin issues, I never travel without my Clarisonic Mia Fit. It’s small, easy to carry with you, and solves a multitude of skin sins when it comes to cleansing your face on the road (including exfoliating all of that dead travel-induced dry skin immediately upon arrival).

As for the actual cleanser, I have several travel sized bottles of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser on hand at all times. It’s gentle (necessary for tired skin on long trips) and, most importantly, cleanses both the face and the eye area. Point? One less product I need to carry on.

And while I could probably bring an entire satchel full of moisturizing products, I stick to two: Sunday Riley’s Luna Nighttime Oil (that I actually use both day and night) and the Korres Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial to bring life to my tired skin. For daytime moisture, I usually just throw the hotel moisturizer on over my Sunday Riley Oil. It saves space and is just fine for a few days and, in many cases, better than what I would have brought.  I’ve discovered some of my favorite products while on the road (hello Cowshed!).

And with that, we’re off!  Be sure and follow along on Instagram and Snapchat to see what we are up to this time around when #TKCHopsThePond.

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And while I could probably bring an entire satchel full of moisturizing products, I stick to two…

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