The Baseball Cap

The Baseball Cap

When grunge took over the runways, we saw it as an isolated incident.  The flannel button-downs at YSL and even Slimane’s chubby coats over fishnet tights didn’t clue us in (ok, so we can be pretty dense sometimes).  But as the season has started to take shape, we finally put two and two together.  Overalls have made a comeback, Dr. Marten is once again in favor and sneakers have found their way into Lincoln Center.  Rest assured fellow fashion lovers, the 90’s are officially back.  And while it isn’t our decade of choice (when the Daisy Dukes show up, we are formally shutting down our servers), there are a few 90’s trends we are willing to embrace.

The first on our list? Every tomboy’s favorite bad-hair-day accessory, the baseball cap.  That’s right, TKC ladies everywhere rejoice. The baseball cap is back in season and the simplistic and ladylike versions on the market are a far cry from yesteryear’s Von Dutch. No, these babies are color-blocked, embellished and flat-billed.  Think early 90’s gone chic. No need to ask us twice.  In our dugout, we’re kicking it old school.

Rest assured fellow fashion lovers, the 90’s are officially back.


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