TKC Profile: Willa Holland

TKC Profile: Willa Holland

You probably know her as the one and only Thea Queen from that show we love, Arrow (or if you’re total dorks like us, Marissa’s little sister from The OC). But don’t let her characters’ girly ways fool you, Willa Holland is cool as shit and her style is all #TKC. If we have anything to do with it, this burgeoning fashionista (expect some really cool stuff coming from her soon) is going to take over as your style muse real quick like. In Part One of our two part Willaaaahh series (yeah, one time around with this chick just wasn’t enough), the Hollywood veteran fills us in on how to get her enviable care-free locks and educates us on her look. And in Part Two? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

TKC: What is your favorite city to travel to?
WH: Camogli, Italy or Forte De Marmi, Italy

TKC: Favorite city you have worked in?
WH: It’s a tie between Genoa, Italy and Vancouver. I have really fallen for this city.

TKC: On a day off in Vancouver where can we find you?
WH: Depends on the weather… Cloudy day, I’m on my couch watching House of Cards or the Americans. But if it’s nice out, I like to drive up to Britannia beach or go camping, which I recently rediscovered and plan on doing all the time up here.

TKC: Cocktails, wine, or beer? What’s your drank?
WH: Beer, beer, beer.

TKC: With summer approaching, what are your warm weather must-haves?
WH: Lots of 5 panel hats, specifically The Quite Life or Huf hats. As well as loose fit shirts.

TKC: Favorite makeup look for summer time?
WH: Summer is usually when I take a break from work, and if I’m not working for a while I like to give my face a few weeks of breathing. So honestly nothing but moisturizer.

TKC: What would you say your style is?
WH: As relaxed as possible.

TKC: What are your favorite brands?
WH: The Quite LifeSundryCurrent Elliott, and Isabel Marant.

TKC: Are there any trends or looks you are into right now?
WH: That jeans are getting looser.

TKC: What about ones you hate?
WH: Skinny jeans, I have to wear them for work but when I’m not working I like to bend my knees.

TKC: Mascara or eyeliner?
WH: Mascara.

TKC: Would you want to raid the closet of any of the characters you have played? If so, who?
WH: Agnes, I played her on Gossip Girl. They had pretty great stuff.

TKC: Do you have a hair-care routine, or any products you use to get your perfectly awesome “I don’t give a shit” locks?
WH: Bumble and Bumble beach spray.

TKC: Are you more of a makeup girl or do you prefer to go natural?
WH: All natural baby.

TKC: If we emptied your purse/ bag/ sick backpack right now, what would we find?
WH: A sweater, wallet, cellphone and keys… Never need more.

TKC: What do you usually gravitate toward while shopping?
WH: Things that feel soft and loose. Most my clothing people would normally sleep in.

TKC: What would you wear out on the dates we are sure you are always asked on?
WH: Honestly, probably just jeans and a tee shirt with a blazer on top.

TKC: Twitter or Instagram ?
WH: Instagram.

TKC: Favorite item in your closet now or even ever?
WH: My Sword black leather jacket I bought when I was 14.

TKC: Tell us about your average Saturday night? Does it even exist?
WH: Couch and House of Cards… and maybe a few beers. 😉

TKC: What is your favorite music to dance to, sing along to, or even make- out to?
WH: Pretty much anything, I can get myself in the groove to almost any music.

TKC: Do you look for style inspiration anywhere or do you just wear whatever the hell you want?
WH: Whatever the hell I want.

TKC: How is Thea’s rather girly look different or the same as yours?
WH: Her look is far more put together then mine.

TKC: We are guessing you have a favorite TV show but what about a favorite movie?
WH: The pope of Greenwich Village.

TKC: Where are your favorite places to shop?
WH: The internet.

TKC: What is a typical weekend outfit for you?
WH: Jeans and t-shirt.

jacket: Burberry (less expensive option here) / pants: Isabel Marant / flats: Chanel (we love this less expensive pair for the spring/summer) / beanie: similar / necklace: similar / t-shirt: similar / iPhone case: Boostcase

images by Lynsey Eaton for TKC


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