TKC Profile: Sophia Hodes

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TKC Profile: Sophia Hodes

An LA native and one badass bitch, Sophia Hodes is the designer and artist behind SOPHODES – a high end, contemporary boutique lifestyle brand.  Known for her custom distressed denim jackets, Sophia designs unique custom pieces to express individual personality and style and has garnered a cult following in the process.

TKC:  How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
SH:  Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a passion for fashion. Throughout high school, I worked in retail. At the age of 18, I became the denim specialist at Barney’s New York. After that, I moved on to Fred Segal for six years. I started as a sales associate and worked my way up to becoming a buyer, stylist, and manager for multiple stores within Fred Segal. I gained so much knowledge over the years and then decided it was time to start my own line.

TKC:  Why denim jackets?
SH:  I love distressing denim because I love the edgy look it gives. It has always been a hobby of mine. My friends would constantly come to me and ask to distress their jeans. After taking an interest in painting on canvas, I decided to combine the two. And who doesn’t love a dope denim jacket?!

TKC:  How did you arrive at the name Sophodes? Did you ever consider calling the line something else?
SH:  I wanted something different and I wanted something that describes me. Soph is my nickname and Hodes is my last name. So I put them together and boom, SOPHODES! Of course I have thought of many different names for my line, but my imagination runs so rapid that I would probably want to change it constantly, lol. One thing I can’t change is my name…nor would I want to.

TKC:  We love the fact that every one of your pieces is essentially an original, since they all are handmade by you. What is your process and how do you keep it fresh?
SH:  First I come up with a design, then I go to town. There’s no specific process, I just create what I envision. I’m constantly creating new ideas so I always have that new fire up my sleeve.

TKC:  What’s next for Sophodes?
SH:  I am currently in production for my second line of apparel. Stay tuned…

TKC:  In your non work life, is there a particular designer or look that you tend to favor?
SH:  I’m a vintage girl.

TKC:  On the flipside, are there any trends that you absolutely loathe?
SH:  I love the tomboy look, as long as you still show your feminine side. For example, an oversized hoodie or vintage tee worn as a dress with a kick ass pair of heels. Baggy sweatpants with a tight crop top, also with a kick ass pair of heels.

TKC:  If you could only buy one item this Spring, what would it be?
SH:  A vintage Spice Girls t-shirt.

TKC:  Name one beauty product you couldn’t live without.
SH:  Aside from lipstick, probably bronzer.

TKC:  What is the lost song you had playing on your iPod/iPhone?
SH:  Hard Time by Seinabo Sey ——— bump this, it’s a banger.

TKC:  Favorite emoji?
SH:  Butterfly and Unicorn.

TKC:  Coffee or tea?

TKC:  Mascara or Lipstick?
SH:  Lipstick.

TKC:  Instagram or Snapchat?
SH:  Instagram.

TKC:  If you could collaborate with one artist or designer, who would it be?
SH:  Karl Lagerfeld.

TKC:  Is there one moment that stands out where you felt like you finally “made it”?
SH:  When I met with Vogue at their office in New York.

TKC:  In high school you would have been voted most likely to…?

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Known for her custom distressed denim jackets, Sophia designs unique custom pieces to express individual personality and style and has garnered a cult following in the process.

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