TKC Profile: Melissa Rosenfield

TKC Profile: Melissa Rosenfield

There are few people we know with a job as cool as Melissa Rosenfield. Don’t believe us? Let’s start with her title. Melissa is the Director of Vibe for the Viceroy Hotel Group. That’s right, the Director of Vibe. Which basically means it’s her job to make sure that incredibly relevant vibe that just is each and every Viceroy hotel exists – from the clientele to the parties to the atmosphere. But just getting to call yourself the Director of Vibe is one thing, actually being it is even better. Her days are spent doing anything from perusing menus and planning A-list parties to scheduling programming to create memorable experiences for Viceroy guests, all while traveling between the group’s properties – hopping from Anguilla to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, her instagram would invoke wanderlust in even the weariest traveler. Not to mention, she also happens to be more in the know than than just about anyone we’ve ever met. Then again, what would you expect from a woman whose actual job it is to know what the coolest and most current luxury trends are? Needless to say, if we had to choose just one person to follow around all day, Melissa would be on our short list.

TKC:  Your job title is probably the coolest one we’ve ever heard. What exactly does it mean to be the Director of Vibe?
MR:  Cultural Innovator. Social Director. Party Planner. I create the memorable experiences, all those things that make you feel good. It’s also about creating the right brand partnerships for lifestyle, fashion, hospitality and personal brands. Making connections and being the ultimate connector.

TKC:  Now we’re assuming there’s not a degree in “living the vibe life.” How does one go about becoming a Director of Vibe?
MR: I’ve started to say – because my brilliant sister pointed this out – I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. I always lived outside the box.  It was being the “special events” counselor at sleep away camp, designing my own major in college and moving between the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and hospitality industries because I was able to connect the dots.

TKC: What’s the best thing about working for a hotel group?
MR: I love Viceroy Hotel Group because I’ve been able to be part of the growth of the brand, which has been a really unique experience.

TKC:  You spend so much of your time travelling from one Viceroy property to another, what’s your best travel advice?
MR:  Have your basics and your routine. I can literally land on a Monday from Anguilla and be on a plane to Snowmass Wednesday with one night at home in NYC to see my dog, family and friends and pack for a completely different climate in 30 min max because I know the essentials. I always have my basics in my make up bag, my toiletries are packed. I keep a bag of chargers just for travel. Those things save so much time. I know what I’m going to wear through an airport to get me though security quickly. And that doesn’t mean sweats and slippers, you can still look luxe and sport accessories without holding up the line. Figure out what works and make that your routine.

TKC:  If you had a motto, what would it be and why?
MR:  #thisvibelife. Is that a motto? Or maybe your vibe attracts your tribe. My friend, artist Jeremy Penn, said that to me recently and it’s totally true because if my vibe is half as good as the amazing “tribe” around me, I am a lucky girl.

TKC: Who have been your greatest supporters or mentors?
MR: Wow, a lot of rabbis…  Anna Sui and her assistant Thomas gave me my start at 13 by letting me intern at the showroom. Also, Robert Verdi (the stylist) and Ms. J Alexander, who have been like big brothers to me in the fashion industry. I’ve known them both since my teen years and they have always offered up amazing advice, compassion and the best laughs. Since joining the hospitality industry and Viceroy, I’ve worked with three of the most incredible CEOs, including Brad Korzen who founded the Viceroy brand and now Bill Walshe who is probably one of the most brilliant marketing minds I’ve ever met, constantly challenging me to go further. Having champions like that at work and then my amazing family at home has really allowed me to continue to love what I do even on the days when I feel like it’s kicking my butt. But don’t forget you need those days too.

TKC: What does your work “uniform” look like (i.e., what would we find you in if we popped in to your office)?
MR:  I should say Alexander Wang skirt, Equipment Blouse and some cute heels from whoever (like those new Manolo Blahnik’s we bought when you were here for Fashion Week), but winter has been brutal and I’ve honestly rediscovered my love of sneakers. I was a sneaker head back in LA so (I’m gonna get murdered for this) on days I’m with clients either Isabel Marant boots or the Alexander Wang Korie (because that heel makes anything look good), black pants and an Equipment top with some fuzzy cropped sweater layered over it because it’s 1996. And then piles of jewelry from Lulu Frost and Lera Jewels. I love doing over the top diamonds mixed with Lulu’s new vintage amazingness. And always a bunch of rings. Of course on the day of this shoot I’m in ski clothes and Timberlands.

TKC: Name one beauty product you couldn’t live without.
MR:  Mascara.

TKC: What’s the last song you had playing on your iPod/iPhone?
MR:  Always this question and its always Rhianna. Maybe she is my spirit animal.

TKC: What’s your ringtone?
MR:  Generic ring on both of my phones. It used to be Monster by Kanye, but I had to change it for obvious reasons. But I think its coming back for summer.

TKC: Coffee or tea?
MR: Both.

TKC: Lipstick or lipgloss?
MR:  Both.

TKC: Cable or Netflix?
MR:  Books.

TKC: What advice would you give to 22 year old Melissa?
MR:  Don’t smoke cigarettes.

TKC:  Is there one moment that stands out where you felt like you finally “made it”?
MR:  When I won my Oscar. Kidding (maybe one day?). I got a handwritten note in the mail last week from a woman who read an article about me and she said Director of Vibe was “a real boss lady title” and “T Swift has a saying: Other women who are killing it should motivate, thrill, challenge and inspire you.’ Well one definitely has.” I was floored and flattered and every other emotion you should have after getting a note like that from a complete stranger. I don’t know if that means I made it, but it was very cool.

If my vibe is half as good as the amazing “tribe” around me, I am a lucky girl.

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coat: Haider Ackermann (similar here)  |  blazer: similar here  |  black top: Hanro of Switzerland   |  pant: J. Crew  |  boots: Timberland   |  hat: Tak. Ori  |   necklace: Ashley Pittman (less expensive option here)  |   bag: Alexander Wang x H&M   |   large gold ring: Jennifer Fisher 
  • love her title! being a “director of vibe” has me inspired.

  • Jess

    Coolest job title. Ever. Could you please ask her to share her wisdom for dressing to get through airports quickly? Pretty pretty please? I still haven’t gotten the hang of it, and she looks like she knows what she’s doing.


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