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TKC Profile: Anne Sisteron

Born in Paris, to Danish diplomat parents, designer Anne Sisteron began her love for timeless jewelry from an early age. Despite her natural talent and eye for distinction, her years working as a model for ELITE exposed her to the visions of designers around the world, further influencing her classic yet forward style. That, coupled with a luxury travel resume that draws envy from even the most worldly, makes for a standout collection like no other. 

TKC:  How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
AS:  When I was 15, a modeling scout found me in Copenhagen which began a career working for Elite, first in Paris and then later in New York. It exposed me to all sides of the fashion world as I did runway as well as Editorial.

TKC:  You’ve got quite the background in precious gems. Why jewelry? What was the attraction?
AS:  I can’t quite explain it, but since I can remember I have been obsessed with jewelry. My first design was creating pearl earrings for my Barbie dolls.

TKC:  We know this is a bit like asking you to pick a favorite child, but do you have a favorite piece this season?
AS:  You are right, it is quite difficult to pick a favorite piece. But if I must, I would say that the Diamond Sabre Earrings from my latest collection. They are classic cool and it doesn’t hurt that Gwyneth Paltrow bought and wore them on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which created quite the buzz.

TKC:  You were born in Paris and now travel all over. What are the differences in the approach to fashion in Paris versus the US?
AS:  In Paris, it’s all about looking effortless. We take a pride in dressing high low, we would never do designer head to toe. In the US, people tend to put their looks together paying more attention to every detail, so the end result is a more polished look.

TKC:  In your non work life, is there a particular designer or look that you tend to favor?
AS:  Classic with an edge has always been my look. I tend to mix brands like Alexander McQueen with classic Ralph Lauren and right now I’m obsessed with the LA Brand, CO.

TKC:  On the flipside, are there any trends that you absolutely loathe?
AS:  Loathe is a strong word, but I tend not to follow trends at all. I dress for my body type and my taste.

TKC:  If you could only buy one item this Fall, what would it be?
AS:  A custom made leather jacket by Laurence Basse from Project Runway.

TKC:  What is one jewelry item that is safe to buy on a budget?
AS:  Every girl, no matter age from 16 to 100, should own a fabulous pair of hoop earrings.

TKC:  One worth splurging on?
AS:  A great handbag. I was given my first Chanel bag by my husband on my 21st birthday. I still have it and its still timeless perfection.

TKC:  Name one beauty product you couldn’t live without.
AS:  I literally cannot live without the Facial Recovery Oil by Eminence Organic Skin Care. Nothing makes your skin glow more, I wear it on airplanes and on trips where my skin tends to get stressed.

TKC:  What is the lost song you had playing on your iPod/iPhone?
AS:  Faded by Zhu.

TKC:  Favorite emoji?
AS:  I love the sparkly emoji, my signature is the sparkly emoji with the “OK” hand symbol. Nothing says perfection better than that.

TKC:  Coffee or tea?
AS:  Earl Grey in the morning. Coffee at work, as we have the best coffee at our neighbor, Euro Caffe. Before they moved next to us, I hardly ever drank coffee and now it’s a real addiction. Their coffee is that good.

TKC:  Mascara or Lipstick?
AS:  Mascara.

TKC:  Instagram or Snapchat?
AS:  Instagram.

TKC:  If you could collaborate with one artist or designer on your next collection, who would it be?
AS:  I hate to repeat, but honestly it would be a dream come true to do a jewelry collaboration with Laurence Basse.

TKC:  Is there one moment that stands out where you felt like you finally “made it”?
AS:  I had built my company organically over the years, the moment where I felt, seen by the world was when we launched our website And it was an instant success worldwide. I cannot begin to explain how deeply humbling and gratifying it is to ship to people all over the world who know about our jewelry.

TKC:  What advice would you give to 22 year old Anne?
AS:  Work hard, stay true to yourself, visualize, and you can make anything happen!

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My first design was creating pearl earrings for my Barbie dolls.

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