TKC Profile: Alexandra Alvarez

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TKC Profile: Alexandra Alvarez

To say we have been having a bodysuit obsession around here would be the understatement of the century.  As the creator of our new favorite basics line ALIX, we know we have been pumping Alexandra Alvarez’s tires all week long (see here, here and here).  We felt it only natural that we check in with the bodysuit babe and let her share her side of things.

TKC:  How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
AA: I’ve always been very aware of and intrigued by fashion. A huge part of me wanted to study in my undergraduate years, but I was nervous about the uncertainty, so I studied communications and marketing in Boston. Then I moved home to Miami and was working for Lanvin helping to open the first US store. I realized quickly that I had to pursue my dream and so I went to Parsons, diving head first into design and New York City. I haven’t left since – I create and manufacture everything downtown between my apartment, studio, and factory.

TKC:  How would you describe ALIX the brand to someone who was unfamiliar?
AA: Luxury Basics. My bodysuits are engineered to be extremely versatile. I strive to create pieces that will become staples in a woman’s wardrobe – just like the perfect tee or pair of boyfriend jeans. I design every bodysuit to be modern and transitional with just the right amount of sporty edge.

TKC:  You’re bodysuits are the stuff dreams are made of. When you decided to start a line, how did you decide on bodysuits?
AA: I was working on my portfolio at Parsons and as I was looking for bodysuits to style with the bottoms I had designed, I realized then there was a huge void in the market. I’d either find cheap Halloween costume-y leotards or really expensive bodysuits that lacked the modern sensibility I was seeking to convey. Thousands of ideas and hundreds of samples later, here I am.

TKC: We are always really interested in how people decide on a name for something so major. Was it always ALIX or did you ever toss around other names for the line?
AA: I went to Boston University for undergrad and my group of friends there quickly began calling me “ALIX” in jest at the way I said it with my “Cuban girl from Miami” accent. Before I knew it, I was signing my name ALIX and everyone (even family) was using the new nickname. So when it came time to name my line I thought it was short, sweet, and 100% me.

TKC:   What was your inspiration for this upcoming season? Were there any themes or images that you were drawn to in particular?
AA: I was into two things: boxing and button downs. When my trainer took me to do some boxing at Gleason’s Gym in Dumbo, I was immediately drawn to the space and knew it was where I wanted to shoot my new lookbook. I fell in love with the grungy vibe and tomboy aesthetic that were so present. I thought it was the perfect follow-up to my skate park shoot from the season before. I was also really into the idea of creating a classic silk button down bodysuit and other pieces that showed the brand’s range from sporty and street to detailed and polished.

TKC: We know this is a bit like asking you to pick a favorite child, but do you have a favorite piece?
AA: Ahhh! I’d say the Chloe was my first favorite. It’s been the one I wear most myself because it really goes with anything. It was one of my very first designs and I have a feeling it will remain in my Classics Collection forever. My new obsession is the Thompson. It’s made with the softest jersey and I love the relaxed fit – so much that I often wear it to bed between outfits.

TKC: What does your work “uniform” look like (i.e., what would we find you in if we popped in to your office)?
AA: Ohh I love me a good uniform! I’d say it’s a long sleeve or jersey bodysuit with my favorite R13 boyfriend jeans and my black Balenciaga booties.

TKC: Name one beauty product you couldn’t live without.
AA: Just one?! My La Mer face moisturizer.

TKC: Twitter or Instagram?
AA: Instagram – I’m terrible at Twitter.

TKC: Mascara or lipstick?
AA: Lipstick.

TKC: Coffee or tea?
AA: Coffee – black.

TKC:  If you had a motto, what would it be and why?
AA: “Doing is one thing. Doing it right is a whole different story” – Drake

TKC: What advice would you give to 22 year old Alexandra?
AA: Travel. Travel. Travel.

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I was working on my portfolio at Parsons and as I was looking for bodysuits to style with the bottoms I had designed, I realized then there was a huge void in the market.

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