TKC Profile: Colton Haynes

TKC Profile: Colton Haynes

It is no secret that we are big fans of Colton Haynes. And given the number of tweets, emails and comments we received following our suggestion that he sit down with TKC for a small chat, it is clear we aren’t the only ones. The actor, singer and master of twitter is easily one of the most stylish guys we know (in his own words, he’s  always the most overdressed person in the room), but that’s not the only reason he is one of our favorite men in the biz.  Aside from being extremely talented and not too shabby to look at, the kid from Kansas is also just hella likeable.  In fact, we dare you not to add Colton to the list of people you want to grab a drink with after this one.  Go ahead, see for yourself.

TKC:  What does the word “style” mean to you?
CH:  Style means individuality and confidence to me.

TKC:  Describe your own personal style.
CH:  I am all over the place with my style. I honestly think I was born in the wrong era. I can go from the rockabilly 50’s stage by day to the wild 60’s at night. Haha. I tend to wear a lot of sweaters, suits and trench coats with loud shoes.

TKC:  Favorite designer?
CH:  Richard Chai, Olivier Rousteing, Nicola Formichetti, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Michael Bastain, just to name a few.

TKC:  Who do you take style advice from?
CH:  I don’t have a stylist and have been lucky enough to have a few friends in the fashion industry to help guide me in the right direction. I grew up as a model, so I just acquired my sense of style over time.

TKC:  How would you describe your street style vs. red carpet event style?
CH:  It doesn’t really change. Ha. I wear jeans during the day but tend to always wear a suit for the carpet.

TKC:  Who is your biggest style icon and why?
CH:  Alexander McQueen. He wasn’t known to dress up himself but he is such an iconic artist who changed the way people think about fashion. He wasn’t afraid to push boundaries.

TKC:  What are your opinions on hats and bags?
CH:  The recent collections are moving toward a more sporty feel which is great because I have been known to wear snap backs a lot when I get lazy. I am a big fan of COACH travel bags.

TKC:  Where would you go out with your friends in NYC ?
CH:  I love the lower east side and Brooklyn is starting to be a favorite of mine. I have a lot of friends in theatre there so we go to a lot of piano/jazz bars in midtown.

TKC:  If you could bring anyone, dead or alive, to hang with you this evening, who would it be?
CH:  Jennifer Lawrence.

TKC:  Favorite cocktail?
CH:  Old Fashioned.

TKC:  What is your favorite place to people watch?
CH:  Times Square.  I’m a tourist at heart.

TKC:  I love New York for….
CH: The people.

TKC:  What is your favorite under the radar shopping spot that some of us may not know about?
CH:  I love going to thrift stores because you can find the most unique item for no money. I love Buffalo Exchange in L.A.

TKC:  What do your days off look like?
CH:  It seems like I’m traveling all the time so that has taken up a lot of my off time. If I’m not traveling I am sitting at home binge watching TV or bugging my friends and making them go to the same two restaurants everyday.

TKC:  And how are you dressed?
CH:  I’m always the most overdressed person in the room. I just feel more comfortable when I’m dressed up. You can normally see me in a suit or leather jacket.

TKC:  Describe the way you travel?
CH:  I actually just bought my first pair of sweats a few weeks ago and I don’t know if I’m a fan. I lose my headphones on a weekly basis so I’m always buying them at the airport. I can sleep anywhere under any circumstance. On a concrete floor and especially on a plane. I am a big fan of avoiding crowds because I’m socially anxious, believe it or not, so I use whatever means necessary to speed up the boarding process.

TKC:  Workout regime?
CH:  I used to be a gym rat but recently I’ve been addicted to yoga. I lost about 20 pounds and leaned out and its just a better lifestyle for me and easier to maintain.

TKC:  What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
CH:  I went Skydiving and lived to talk about it.

TKC:  What do you splurge on?
CH:  I’m a huge Kanye/JayZ fan so I sometimes think I am them and buy crazy expensive shoes. If you can’t pop molly, ya gotta rock Tom Ford, ya know what I mean?

TKC:  How has you’re life changed since you were cast on “Arrow”
CH:  It hass really opened a lot of doors for me. Because of Arrow, I got to accomplish one of my all time goals, being in GQ. It has also allowed me to connect with a fan base that I wasn’t familiar with and it’s been a lot of fun exploring the comic book realm. I have days at work where I’m still having those pinch me moments because just years ago I was going to school in Kansas.  So crazy how quickly life can change.

A special thanks to Colton for taking time out of his busy schedule to squeeze us in and to Travis Graham and Ally Maki for playing photographer and supplying the images of Colton.  In closing, we promised you some style inspiration, and style translation is what you are going to get.  One of our favorite things to do here at TKC is take inspiration from the men and translate men’s looks for the ladies.  So girlfriend, this one is for you. A skinnier jean here and a little heel there, and Colton’s polished winter warm style is all yours.  Scroll through our collection of goodies below in order to take Colton’s look and make it your own.

I grew up as a model, so I just acquired my sense of style over time.

In the post:

Look 1 – shirt: J. Crew  |  jacket: Zara  | velvet scarf: John Varvatos  | denim: Diesel  |  boots: John Varvatos  | sunglasses: Ferragamo
Look 2 – Complete look by Brooks Brothers
Look 3 – shirt & tie: Brooks Brothers  |  shoes & socks: Brooks Brothers  |  jeans: “Jogg Jeans” by Nicola Formichetti for Diesel Tribute  |  jacket: TopMan

  • Kay

    Awww this has become one of my fav posts! He’s such a down to earth guy 🙂

  • Peter

    He should have shoes that leave footprints saying “PERFECTION.”

  • I really love following Colton, and you and most of the cast of Arrow on instagram (and here) – you are all so down to earth and nothing like the serious roles you play. Can I just say, that Arrow hit the nail on the head with all of you and your amazingly superhero-esque looks. Colton looks straight out of a comic with his striking features, chiseled jaw line and dimple chin. Perfect casting!!!

    Thanks for sharing a more in-depth look at him! Keep up the great work!

  • Loving this post! He rocks some pretty amazing menswear all the time, and I’m glad that he has pretty much schooled the entire male portion of the Teen Wolf cast in terms of fashion. Such a cool guy.

  • Such a down to Earth guy, gotta love Colton!
    Hey, do you think you could get other Arrow co-stars for interviews like this? I would love one with Emily Bett Rickards or Willa Holland. Willa seems kinda tomboy-is in her style anyway, doesn’t she?

  • He has such a cool style 🙂
    xx Stephanie (

  • Gotta love him but, those pants with the skinny legs, No! Faded areas make him look shorter and to much Mama’s jeans waist, socks rock. D:)

  • Nora Albaba

    He’s so cute!

  • Fruitfly

    Colton is one of the best dressed men of the century. His eye for detail along with his intuitive understanding of how to play shirts/coats/jackets off his shoes (which are consistently fabulous!) betrays real, sartorial talent. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s physically perfect, but to be able to work outfits in such a way, without a designer, is outstanding.
    And I want all his clothes starting with the blue velvet scarf and oxfords above.


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