Jeff Seltzer Photography

Jeff Seltzer Photography

As a part of my attempt to get our house re-decorated sometime in the next century (we still have so much left to do and it has been a year this month since we moved), I have been looking long and hard for interesting/edgy art to add to our walls and still sparse shelves. The process has taken so long I might as well have gone back to school and started working on becoming the next Van Gogh. But perhaps my impatience stems from the fact that in the past I have always just gone out, grabbed a bunch of things that were in the right color palette and thrown them up on walls. Not surprising considering my haphazard approach to picking said pieces, I tire of them and start trying to replace them once the house is finally decorated. This time around I have committed to taking it slower and picking things I actually want to look at, even if it takes longer. Novel concept, I know.

In a search for Gray Malin’s Prada Marfa at Dawn (still a favorite of mine) at a size that works and a price I can afford, I came across Jeff Seltzer on One Kings Lane. I have since cyber-stalked his work, made a wish list and stared at it for hours on end. Using the word obsession at this point is more or less an understatement. What I love about Seltzer’s photographs is that human beings are never in them, and yet they feel like they are by merely focusing on their effects. Even if just to keep from getting Computer Vision Syndrome (yes, it’s a real thing), I need to get my hands on one of these guys so I can appreciate the little things in the comfort of my home without the help of electronics. I still haven’t decided which print(s) I am going to buy, although I am partial to the Inbox at the Getty and Stools Downtown. Taking recommendations.

— Lynsey


images by Jeff Seltzer

  • Hi, Lynsey. You can cyber stalk me anytime! Happy to have discovered your excellent blog. Also, shoot me your address and I’ll send a little “thank you” your way.


    • Tomboy KC

      Jeff – Honored to have you here. Saying we are “big fans” is an understatement.



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