When it Comes to Hand Cream

When it Comes to Hand Cream

The problem with hand cream is that it is in constant hand-to-hand combat with your perfume. You picked that Diptyque “Eau Rose” presumably because you liked the way it smelled, not because you liked the way it smelled mixed with “insert some random Bath and Bodyworks overly sweet scent here.” Call us crazy, but after splurging on one of these guys, ruining it by trying to keep your skin from flaking off in the palm of someone else’s hand is probably not what you bargained for. And then there is that whole moisturizing issue…

After dealing with our own version of the moisture vs. odor dilemma on multiple occasions, we set out on a search for the perfect hand cream so that we might all have moisturized skin and an aroma akin to Roses (as intended), as opposed to overspend on a lotion that does nothing but leave us smelling like an unidentifiable mix of sandalwood and flower market.

Which brings us to what we see as your choices:

(1) First, find a cream that is unscented. This is really the only way to get good quality cream without messing with your smell. Although they are hard to come by (all we want is moisture without the fragrance people!), we have put together a collection that we stand behind. Our all time favorite is the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. We buy tubes in bulk to keep in every handbag, bathroom and glove compartment. Although the L’Occitane is definitely our go-to, we also suggest Bliss’ High Intensity Hand Cream or the Korres Almond Oil and Shea Butter Hand Cream.

(2) Another option is to find a cream that shares the scent you love. This can be complicated if, like us, your choice in perfume can alter with your mood. Not to mention, in some cases you might be compromising in moisturizing quality when it comes to the actual cream. But, if you have a few choice aromas that you use, it might be worth experimenting and investing in corresponding creams where available. There are a few that we know first hand are winners in both the aroma and moisturizing department, like Diptyque.

(3) Finally, you can always find a scented cream that you like to use on days when you aren’t doused in fragrance. Our hands down favorites are all of the Lollia Hand Creams. Not only are they beautifully packaged and available in a variety of scents (like all of their amazing products), but they are also made with shea butter and maintain its hydrating benefits – i.e., they work. We also really like L’Occitane’s Subtle Violet Hand Cream

And if none of that does it for you (hey, it happens), here are just a few more creams we found that fit the bill:


  • You know what my biggest “beef” with hand cream is?! No freaking SPF!! Hands are the most sun-exposed area of the body (next to the face)…so why is it SO HARD to find a good hand cream that contains a decent level of SPF?! Garnier and Neutrogena both made one, but I haven’t been able to find either lately!!


    • Tomboy KC

      Monika – We totally get you. The Deborah Lippman we included in our round up has SPF in it. Not outrageously expensive (also not the cheapest on our list) AND is anti-aging. Here is a link –> http://bit.ly/1p8UTHw If you give it a try let us know how it goes. x

  • This post is amazing! I have always had issues with using hand-cream as it always clashed with my perfume (even when I found hand-cream scents that ‘matched’ with my perfume), it got to the point where I just eventually used the body lotion that came with the perfume.

    There is a great combination of expensive and affordable creams – love it. I’m really picky with hand-creams as some tend to leave your hands oily – fingers crossed that the L’Occtiane one doesn’t.

  • Phat Nancy

    Love this post! Hands are sooo important, you can tell someone’s age by their hands. But what I am looking for is a moisturizing unscented hand cream with SPF AND is all natural or made without parabens and all the other stuff. Cake Beauty has one but with no SPF and Deborah Lippmann’s is heavily scented with an SPF.

    This product needs to exist.


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