The Nail Files

The Nail Files

With an all black or neutral wardrobe, I often get complaints (most of which stem from my mother) that I don’t wear enough color. Apparently not wearing pink makes me look “depressing.” I thought it just made me chic. Oh well, tomayto, tomahto. Anyway, always rebellious and unwilling to wear neon (Not. Gonna. Do it.), I have found my own solution to this little self expression problem: my nails.

Turning my nails into tiny little canvases has become my newest guilty pleasure and a substitute for not being experimental in the color department. Whether it’s a simple, subtle design or full-out pop art, nail art is my way of adding a unique twist to a minimalist outfit. Obviously, there are some pretty horrid designs out there (here’s looking at you huge stuck on flowers), but I prefer to stick to the more unique, dare I say “bad-ass” designs (see above).

While the nail art options are endless (like fringe kits for those faded glitter looks or art pens if you’ve got a knack for free hand), nail wraps have become my most frequent of purchases. Not having much time (or disposable income) to constantly visit the nail salon for a pampering, nail wraps are an easy way to rock perfect and cheap nail art that takes little to no time to put on. NCLA, Scratch, and Minx are some favorite brands. And if you don’t like their designs, there’s even an iPhone app that allows you to upload a photo that they will transform into your own personalized nail wraps.

Of course, if you want to get more creative you can paint on your own designs with a tiny little brush…but who really has time for that? I’ve tried putting my artistic skills to the test, and lets just say that I’ll be sticking with my nail wraps.

— Shannon Lindee



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