Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet

Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet

Halloween is upon us and, if you are a true TKC gal, the idea of putting on a sexy kitten costume probably has you about ready to vom. Rest assured, we have spent the last few days thinking about ways to avoid tight polyester and spending too much money on shit you don’t want to wear anyway.  Instead, why not opt for one of these fab ladies (who we guarantee are not spending All Hallow’s Eve dressed as a bunny).  You probably own most of these items anyway.  And let’s face it, if you don’t, you want to.

Leandra Medine – First up, the self-proclaimed “Men Repeller” herself.  Mastering the “Leandra Medine” takes a true lesson in layering and putting together, what we like to call, a “cornucopia of crazy chic.”  Think boyfriend blazers, statement necklaces, round sunglasses and crazy clutches.  We tried to keep everything on the list under $100 in case you needed to add a piece to pull this off, but we lost ourselves with the shoes.  After all, you ain’t Leandra without some killer designer kicks.

Cara DeLevigne – Who doesn’t want to spend their evening making crazy Cara DeLevingne faces for instagram photos?  Ummmm, no one.  Grab your graphic T’s, fill in your eyebrows to some state of bushy meets glam, and throw a beanie over your unwashed hair.  Since putting this together should take a total of about 5 minutes flat (just ask Cara, she pulls off grungy fab everyday), you have plenty of time to practice crossing your eyes for the camera.

Mary-Kate Olsen – Anti-Halloween? Put on your usual day-to-day ensemble, throw on a few extra sweaters, Lennon sunglasses and don’t toss your morning’s Starbucks.  Ta-da, you’re totally MK.  Now you have a legitimate excuse to act completely bored at that party. When in doubt, layer, layer, layer.  Oh, and don’t forget to layer.  You can thank us later when you are the only one not freezing to death in a slip dress on Thursday night.

You probably own most of these items anyway.  And let’s face it, if you don’t, you want to.

In the post:

Look 1 – blazer  |  top  |  jeans  |  sunglasses  |  necklace  |  clutch  |  crystal bracelet  |  tribal bracelets  |  heels

Look 2 – jacket  |  t-shirt  |  pants  |  beanie  |  sneakers  |  eyebrow pencil

Look 3 – jacket  |  cardigan  |  t-shirt  |  sunglasses  |  pants  |  bag  |  scarf  |  boots  |  coffee 

  • I love the Mary-Kate olsen haha always been a fan of olsen twins.

    Your blog is amazing xx. 🙂

  • I love how these suggestions are “looks” – not “costumes!!” As you said, who wants to waste money on s**t from the discount store?! Not when you can put any one of these pieces to work in a day-to-day closet after the “witching hour” is long over!!

    • Tomboy KC

      You totally get us, Monika… xx

  • Pamela

    I freakin love this! Exactly the same way I feel about Halloween. Pretty much always choose leather as a go-to for the night.


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