There’s Just Something About a Good Watch

There’s Just Something About a Good Watch

Ask someone for the time and they no longer casually rotate their hand and push back their sleeve to consult with the minute hand living on their wrist. No, we would bet that most people faced with that inquiry would immediately start fishing around in their pocket or purse, pushing through pennies while they search for their cellular phone. Call it nostalgia if you must (we still buy pocket calendars, too), but despite the fact that the wrist watch has been passed over for iPhones and tablets, we still revel in the classic simplicity of a good timepiece.

Maybe it is because they look like they could have belonged to our grandfathers, but there is just something about an over-sized leather watch that gets us every time. And, for us, right now Daniel Wellington has our number in that department. We’ve always been naturally drawn to pieces that looked like we robbed them from our boyfriend’s briefcase (which, if we are being honest, we have been known to do), but what we love about these in particular is the look of classic luxury at an everyday price point – these are both under $200. We call it “affordable luxury.” Daniel Wellington’s entire collection of watches (for both men and women) is full of nods to the past, and we are reminded of a time when people took pride in their timepieces and you could tell a lot about a man by asking him the time. Perhaps you still can.

Indeed, there is just something about a good watch.

brown watch: Daniel Wellington “Classic St. Andrews”
black watch: Daniel Wellington “Classic Sheffield”



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