The Smells of Spring

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The Smells of Spring

We take our fragrances like we take our fashions – in seasons.

Over the years we have gone from having one over-advertised scent (most likely purchased by a mother and received as a part of a gift set over the holidays) that we wore until the bottle was empty, to having a scent per season, maintaining a lust list of favorite perfumes and taking trips to department stores to spend hours in the fragrance aisle. We are talking fragrances so good that we have nearly made ourselves sick sniffing our wrists throughout the day. True story.

Now that Spring is officially upon us, we have started to commit to its smells and are working on a list of fragrances fit for May.  Here’s our list.

1.  Diptyque ‘Eau Rose’ – We aren’t what one would call “floral people,” especially rose. But as lovers of all things Diptyque, when they debuted this scent a few years ago, we felt obligated to give it a fair shake. We are happy to report that it’s aura is more light and airy than sweet and floral. Bonus: It also comes in a roll-on perfect for traveling.

2.  Zegna Essenze ‘Florentine Iris’ – There’s nothing we love more than a unisex fragrance. If you find the right one, the scent is the perfect mix of man meets ocean breeze that is ideal for Spring. Zegna’s Essenze fragrance in ‘Florentine Iris’ can be found in the men’s department. Although we haven’t tried it for ourselves, we’ve heard it is the right one.

3.  Le Labo ‘Jasmin 17’ – An honest and easy scent that feels as elegant as it does edgy. We love the contrast of pairing it with leather shorts or a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.  The scent was made for rainstorms, garden parties and Saturday night’s spent lounging on a rooftop.

4.  Marni Rose Eau de Parfum – On the sexy side of the spectrum, Marni’s signature scent has that whole spicy floral thing going on. If florals are (understandbly) not your thing, this scent is a good way to embrace Spring without jumping headfirst into a bed of roses.

5.  Michael Kors ‘White’ – On the other hand, if smelling like a garden is all you’ve ever wanted in a Spring essence, this Michael Kors limited edition Spring fragrance is all you need. If you’re looking for a good Mother’s Day gift, we also think this would be a good way to break mom from that Obsession obsession she’s had for the last thirty years.

But that is just our list. What scent would we find if we spent all Spring sniffing your wrists? Drop your favorites in the comments below so we can all run to the department store and stock up on samples for our purse.

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We are talking fragrances so good that we have nearly made ourselves sick sniffing our wrists throughout the day. True story.

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Marni Eau de Parfum Spray  |  Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette

  • Nora A

    Loooovvveeee Marni

  • Brooke

    I pretty much have been wearing Roses de Chloe this spring, One of my all time favorite scents along with Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black.

  • I discovered this SF based brand a couple weekends ago — Pinrose. You gotta check ’em out! My faves were “Treehouse Royal” (reminded me a lot of Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans L’Eau), “Renegade Starlet,” and “Rooftop Socialite.” Yes, those are the types of things they name their perfume!

    • Lynsey

      Yesssss. Always looking for new fragrance brands, and a Diptyque comparison is just about the highest mark in my book. Definitely think I’m a “Ballroom Philosopher.” xx


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