The Mudroom is All About the Tile

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The Mudroom is All About the Tile

The mudroom and the utility room in the new house flow directly into each other so, for design purposes, we are treating them as the same space.

This is a designated tiled area (as any place where the dog bowl and a washing machine live should be), and I knew right away I wanted a patterned cement tile. If the dining room is going to be all about the wallpaper, then the mudroom is going to be all about the tile.

And if you want a patterned cement tile, you go to Cement Tile Shop.

Knowing where to get the tile is one thing. Actually deciding among all of their stunning in-stock tiles is another. I’ve gone back and forth on the tile pattern we want to use (originally, we were dead set on the Tulum tile), but after trying to contemplate a pattern that would feel timeless and not be as quickly dated, we decided on the Atlas II.  I love the boldness of the black and white pattern, but the smaller repetition also feels traditional and classic.

One decision made. Success.

We also know that we want to use a farmhouse sink with a more modern faucet and include a lot of wood elements to warm up the space, particularly because we are using the patterned floor.  Currently, the plan is to have a wood countertop and a wood seat on the mudroom bench.  Whether we decide to have wood shelves instead of cabinets (a la the image above) is a decision we have yet to make. Consider that one open for discussion.

But here is where it gets sticky: cabinet color.

Part of me is certain we need to stick with white cabinets and just let the wood accents and patterned floor do their work. But then I see an image with darker cabinets and I lose all sense of what is right.  We are already painting our kitchen cabinets black (it is going to be so good, I promise), so I am somewhat convinced that we should just carry that over into this space…

But then I go down that whole, “You can’t make everything in this house black” tunnel and I am back where we started.

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But here is where it gets sticky: cabinet color.

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tile: Atlas II from Cement Tile Shop  |  faucet: Delta Trinsic

  • Lisa Mueller

    Can always go with a yellow cabinet, it would work with the tile and would work with the wood if you ever decide to add it. Or Can go with a shade of grey or even blue. Just depends on the shade and what you feel you would like more as time goes by.

    • Lynsey

      A couple of people have also suggested a blue and I find that idea to be pretty interesting. Slowly coming around to that and think it might be pretty cool, especially because we have so many other blue accents throughout the house.

  • Kimberly

    If you aren’t 100% sure about black, maybe try a lighter color first (white, grey, a light green maybe). If you start with black and then realize you hate it and want to change it, painting over a lighter color is waaaay easier than trying to paint over black. It’ll take 3 times as many coats trying to turn a black cabinet white than the other way around.

    • Lynsey

      GOOD ADVICE. I keep forgetting it’s just paint…

  • Linda Booth

    The black and white cement tile is just gorgeous, I think they are great choice and with white cabinets just so classy. A pop of colour would be a nice touch to accent.


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