Thank Goodness for Coats

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Thank Goodness for Coats

I used to hate wearing jackets. They just felt so constricting and I’d felt that my outfits often looked better without them. So as the impractical teen I once was, I’d prance all over town, preferring the risk of frostbite to wearing a winter coat. Typical senseless teenager, I know.

But in the last near decade, my feelings towards jackets and outerwear completely flipped. I went from feeling that my coats ruined my outfits to believing that they’d always seemed to make them better. I began collecting all kinds—leather motos, fur gilets, denim jackets, mohair overcoats, shearlings—you name it, I most likely acquired some version of it.

I developed this great love, enjoying being able to choose a different piece of outerwear each and every day, based on my outfit, my mood, and the weather (yes, I now feel much gratitude towards good outerwear for the warmth it provides).

What’s more, however, is that coats can go above and beyond, becoming the focal point of your outfit so much so that what’s underneath (at times, specifically during the winter when outerwear tends to cover more mass) doesn’t quite matter so much.

Naturally, when heading to the office or to an event, wearing the proper attire is still crucial no matter how amazing your coat is—eventually you’ll have to take it off. But when you’re strolling about town, running errands, meeting friends for lunch, picking up your son from school, you can literally leave the house wearing your lounge leggings and a big sweater, then throw on an amazing coat (that’s super warm to boot) with a great beanie, gloves, and scarf, ét voila, you immediately look chic.

Just the other day I had to head out to the market—it was one of those really cold days—and I hadn’t yet showered so I didn’t really feel like getting fully dressed. I just threw on my trusty Gap leggings, my go-to black turtleneck, draped this incredibly special Lindsey Thornburg cloak over myself, and I’m telling you, it looked like I was going places.

Really good.

I mean really, thank God for coats, right? They do so much good for us and I feel blessed to have amassed so many over the years. Even having one is a blessing. Can you imagine not even having one? Living in New York, it gets so cold that not having a warm coat can actually be dangerous.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to collect a great handful of jackets from my own collection, and I’m going to donate them with the hopes that not only will they end up in the hands of someone that needs warmth, but also to a girl that has always loved fashion but unfortunately never had the opportunity to enjoy it. Because enjoying life is important too, and as much as I love all of my coats, I know there’s somebody out there that will benefit from them even more.

And hey, I’m not trying to paint myself as some wonderful do-gooder—I got a ways to go—but I do realize how fortunate I am, so if you do too, hop on board.

Some places to donate:

One Warm Coat


New York Cares

Bottomless Closet

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Because enjoying life is important too, and as much as I love all of my coats, I know there’s somebody out there that will benefit from them even more.

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