Ten Kickass Gifts for the Men in Your Life

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Ten Kickass Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Every year we search high and low for gifts that are actually cool. Call us obsessive, but we pride ourselves on being good gift givers – no boring ties here! This year, we partnered with AHA (our favorite online retailer when it comes to finding unique and stylish product from all over the world) to bring you a list of holiday gifts that are sure to wow everyone on your list. Our complete guide is officially live (head here to check it out) and read on for the ten gifts we selected for the men in our lives (aka, the impossible giftees).

  1. Bomber & Company Bomber Tote, $70 (pictured above) – Taking the gym bag to the next level, this barrel bag is crafted out of ripstop nylon and comes with the Mini Bomber Traveler’s Kit for all of those beauty products he pretends he doesn’t own. What we love: The minimal design and lightweight black-colored nylon ripstop. This bag is versatile and necessary, i.e., everything we look for when buying for a man.
  2. J. Fold Roadster Slimfold Wallet, $60 – Every man we know goes through wallets like he is getting paid to. So buying them something super pricy that they are going to be so hard on seems silly. We love this wallet because it is budget friendly but doesn’t compromise on style.
  3. Jack + Mulligan Redford Flask, $45 (pictured above) – Whether out to dinner with your parents for the first time or attending a less than eventful cash-bar, the Redford Flask keeps you ready for anything. It is crafted from stainless steel and features a water-repellant canvas slip case.
  4. WOLF Blake Shoe Shine Kit, $100 (pictured above) – Every man needs one but very rarely are they a fun gift to buy, until now. This shoe shine kit actually makes us want to shine our shoes, and that is saying something. With 2 polish applicator brushes, 2 shoe shine brushes, 2 cotton flannel polishing cloths, Mr. Wolf’s shoe shine in black and brown, and a luxurious home for it all, what more could your businessman want?
  5. Soxfords Modern Pointed-Tip Silk Knit Ties Set, $175 (pictured above) – Normally, we try to avoid the fallback plan of a tie. But when the tie is as hip and well made as these tightly woven silk knit numbers, we are willing to make an exception.
  6. CRUX Supply Co. Deluxe Shaving Kit, $90 (pictured above) – If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: The best gifts for guys are practical items they use everyday with a luxurious twist.  This shaving kit is the perfect example.
  7. Owen & Fred Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag, $68 – Looking for a companion gift for that shaving kit? Look no further. This dop kit is full of whit and whimsy and will tell him just what you think of him everytime he opens it.
  8. ÉSTIE Slim Case, $199 (pictured above) – When we said AHA brings you gifts from the world over, that is exactly what we meant. This modern and stylish case meant to hold laptops and other precious cargo hails from Estonia. Perhaps that’s why it’s reinforced carbon fibre and leather blend exterior and protective felt body is so attractive.
  9. Native Union Switch Bluetooth Speaker, $150 (pictured above) – Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, but finding one that actually looks good while blasting those tunes on your counter? Well, we did.
  10. Master & Dynamic MH40 Over Ear Headphones, $400 – Looking for a place to splurge? These headphones have been on our gift guide two years in a row for good reason. Maybe we should put them on our wish list?


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