Ten Gifts That She’s Sure to Love

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Ten Gifts That She’s Sure to Love

Every year we search high and low for gifts that are actually cool. Call us obsessive, but we pride ourselves on being good gift givers. This year, we partnered with AHA (our favorite online retailer when it comes to finding unique and stylish product from all over the world) to bring you a list of holiday gifts that are sure to wow everyone on your list. Our complete guide is officially live (head here to check it out) and read on for the ten gifts we selected for the women in our lives (aka, ourselves).

  1. Adornia Love Lariat, $95 (pictured above) – Because you LOVE her. Obviously.
  2. Binge Fringe Over Clutch, $99 (pictured above) – At home or on vacation, we don’t see any situation where this wouldn’t add a little pep to her step.
  3. Yestadt Millinery Nomad Packable Hat, $275 (pictured above) – A hat that you can pack in your suitcase without totally damaging it? This thing sells itself.
  4. WOLF Jewelry Box, $499 – Kind of like the one you had when you were a little girl with the twirling ballerina, only much, much chicer.
  5. Cashmerism Oversized Cashmere Travel Wrap, $280 (pictured above) – This falls into that, incredibly nice gift you would never buy yourself but probably always wanted territory – i.e., making it perfect.
  6. Colette Malouf Lolita Turban, $248 (pictured above) – We’ve always wanted to rock a turban but never really knew how. This one makes it easy with two pieces that basically tie it for you.
  7. Antipearl Black Tip Pearl Earring, $140 – You know how much we champion the single earring bit. This one is edgy and cool with just a dash of lady. Which is basically what we like to think of all of our friends.
  8. KAHRI Mini Anna and Grace Charms, $40 (pictured above) – Forget all of those furry bag charms, Mini Anna and Grace are where it’s at.
  9. Sienna Alexander London W8 Kensington Sunglasses, $160 (pictured above) – Find us a girl who doesn’t want a new pair of sunglasses for the holidays… Seriously, find her.
  10. ELUCX Deluxe Spa Gift Set, $90 (pictured above) – When beauty products look just as good sitting on your counter as they do on your face, it’s like two gifts in one. Jackpot.


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