Winter Wear Is All About Perspective

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Winter Wear Is All About Perspective

The Los Angeles winter is chilly.  The Dallas winter is cold.

I had to confront this geographic sartorial gap within six months of moving to the Lone Star State.  That October, without warning, we were the victims of a flash frosting (my colloquialism for the time in Texas when you wake up to frozen streets after wearing a t-shirt the previous evening).

To be fair, we actually did receive some warning. It was more my failure to take it seriously that made the ice-over such an event. As others were racing around the city stocking up on water and the news blasted photos of empty grocery store shelves, I sat in the comfort of my living room laughing with my husband saying things like:

“What are these people preparing for? An earthquake?”

“It’s just a little ice. Do they think the world is going to shut down?”

And that’s how my naivete and skepticism left us hungry and without the necessary supplies for our first Texas freeze. Because what I failed to consider was that, although I might be able to make it to the store to purchase necessities, the employees wouldn’t – i.e., the stores wouldn’t be open.  That was the last time I underestimated the natives and Texas weather.

In Los Angeles, the idea of a coat really meant nothing – basically, unless your holidays were spent on the East Coast, the most substantial outwear you owned was an unlined canvas jacket. Which isn’t to stay that people didn’t own wool coats, but their appearance was a rare enough occurrence that about the time coats arrived in store they were marked down.

Texas is different.  Texas has weather patterns that are all its own.  Texas winters can range anywhere from Los Angeles summers to January in New York, all within the same week in December.

My California closet wasn’t ready for that.

I have spent the last two years bolstering my outwear collection so as to avoid being trapped in a flash frost with my coat off, if you know what I mean.  While I bought a coat or two last winter, this cape is the first transitional piece I’ve acquired this year.  My thinking is that when the freeze appears I’ll be ready, but when the heat miser follows the frost I won’t be too weighed down.

Because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that winter in Texas is all about preparation… and stocking up on almond milk.

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Texas is different.  Texas has weather patterns that are all its own.

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cape: c/o Ellsworth & Ivey  |  button-down: NSF  |  jeans: DSTLD  |  boots: Stuart Weitzman (also love these)  |  handbag: Fendi  |  watch: Shinola  |  necklace: Lena Bernard (less expensive option here)


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