Surviving Summer

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Surviving Summer

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: Katie hates summer clothes.  While all the rest of us are wafting around in caftans and breezy dresses, she’s buying blazers and sweatshirts like it’s the fourth of January, not July.

Every summer, without fail, we’ll do a little shopping and you’ll hear over the racks “Why is everything so frilly and bright?” At which point I am prompted to remind her that, “Katie, it’s summer. You hate summer fashion. That’s why.”

“Oh. Right.”

Now don’t get me wrong, we both love summer – bring on the popsicles and the pool parties – and don’t want the good weather and good times to end. But let’s just say we aren’t the least bit disappointed that Pre-Fall collections have started to pop up here and there. We’ll be counting down the days until sweaters reign supreme, plaid is the print of choice and layering is our second language, all with mai tais in hand. (Cheers!)

And until then, if you see a girl running around town in a parka in the blistering heat, you know who it is.

Shop Picks:

If you see a girl running around town in a parka in the blistering heat, you know who it is.

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dress: similar here  |  blazer: T by Alexander Wang  |  sneakers: Chanel  |  necklace: Jennifer Meyer

  • claunazzal

    I totally get you Katie! Summer its not my favorite season fashion wise! Because I can’t layer (I love a blazer, a motorjacket or a cool cardigan… but its too hot to use them) and can’t use my favorite colors, Black, grey, green and burgundy… (I always find a way to used them though)

  • Christine Joy

    I love you so much Katie Cassidy!??
    And I also love this look!

  • Admiral Adama

    “So say we all”

    I live in the tropics and never show my toes. I don’t wear bright anything, frilly anything, flowery anything, short anything, sleeveless anything.

    I’ll drool over a navy blue Stockholm-shape Stutterheim raincoat, a perfect wool navy peacoat.

    But never over a summer dress.

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    I’m not into bright colors and frilly items either, but I do like summery dresses and skirts and sandals! Great photos!!


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