Let’s Talk Sun Care

Let’s Talk Sun Care

When you get grounded for getting a sunburn like I did growing up, SPF is no joke (I know, total problem child). Here at TomboyKC we take skincare pretty seriously, too. Call it an unreasonable fear of wrinkles and sun spots, but our sun-related beauty products are enough to keep the entire Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue burn free. And maybe it’s our big trip to Miami (vacation, finally!), or perhaps it’s just that time of year (summer is right around the corner, after all), but we have sunshine and protection from it on the brain.

As an advanced wearer of SPF, I have become quite the critic of what is good for the ray blockage and what is not. It should be noted that I hate the sticky feel of sunscreen (I used to wail when it was slathered on my pale, toddling body) and the scent of SPF and self tanner make me cringe (I feel so sorry for people on planes who have to sit next to me when I wear it). Naturally, for me, those are the two most critical categories (aside from, you know, protection from the sun) I judge each new one by. Starting from the obvious to the slightly less so, here are my thoughts on what you need to beat the heat this summer:

(1) SUNSCREEN. I think I will forever wear Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen because it literally dries like you didn’t put anything on immediately upon application (see note re: my aversion for sticky sunscreen), but for being non-toxic, Block Island mineral sunscreen is a good way to go for those of you who are into the whole organic thing. For quick re-application, I reach for Glytone Suncare Spray for it is oil-free with maximum water resistance (take note, you pool junkies).

(2) PROTECT YOUR FACE. My personal recommendation for your face also happens to be that of the Skin Cancer Foundation (so don’t take my word for it). PCA Skin’s perfecting protection SPF 30 is really the way to go when it comes to protecting your face from the big, bad sun (and I don’t just mean at the beach). Not to mention, it smells slightly orangey and refreshing. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense is also pretty dang great. The lightweight formula doesn’t send me off cringing and the scent is manageable. Plus, this face was built for its 50+ SPF.

(3) FAKE BAKE. If you have some time before you need to be in that itsy bitsy bikini (or if you’re like me and are just bad at self-tanner application), look no further than Doctor T’s Supergoop Gradual Self-tanning AND Sunscreen mousse. It does double duty, so you can lay out all day and still get extra color (even if it is fake).  If you’re a little more talented than I with a spray can, try L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Salon Airbrush Self Tanning Mist. The color is not orange at all and, if you pay close attention when applying and don’t miss spots (my big problem), it looks great and is streak free.

(4) POST PARTY. Burning up laying out? Keep Avene Eau Thermale or Evian mist on hand and in your beach bag for an instant cooling effect. It may seem a little pricey and frivolous, but it’s a little luxury I have found myself splurging on when on vacation and spending lots of time outside (sidenote: it’s also key for long hikes). When you finally make it  back to your hotel and take a much needed shower, slather on Michael Kors After Sun Gelee to nourish your sun drenched body and don’t forget After Sun Lip Balm to prevent chapping.

Happy Beach Bumming!

— Justine McGregor



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