Striped Silk Pants for Summer

Striped Silk Pants for Summer

The blistering heat that we have come to affectionately call summer could be made a lot worse if we didn’t track down breathable materials within which to weather it. That, and if we didn’t consciously seek out pants with an elastic waist, because there is nothing worse than spending the afternoon walking the streets while swollen and popping out at the seams like sausage on a grill. Take our word for it. We’ve been there and it was anything but pretty.

Although we question the use of silk next to any glands that might arbitrarily douse your body in sweat, we had a theory about silk pants in summer that we wanted to give a go (i.e., that they would be more akin to linen than wool when temperatures rise). So we put our big girl pants on and put them to the thermometer test. Overall, we decided that silk pants and summer do mix, so long as elected activities don’t involve sitting outside on a wooden bench directly under the sun for extended hours on end. For that, we think it is safe to say you should opt for something like this.

We also came to the conclusion that Florence may have a machine, but what she does not have is her facts straight. No matter what she says, the dog days are most certainly not over.

shirt: Zara (similar here and here) / pants: old (similar here, here and here) / sandals: Alexander Wang (similar here) / clutch: c/o Jonathan Adler (we also love this one) / sunglasses: SUPER (similar here and here) / nail polish: Tom Ford “Bordeaux Lust” / rings: see this post and this post



images by Lynsey Eaton for TKC


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