Stained Clothing: To Wear or Not to Wear?

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Stained Clothing: To Wear or Not to Wear?

Last week I was wearing my favorite white Zara tank while eating a heavily dressed salad. Being the klutz that I am, I threw a beach towel over myself to protect my clothes from the soy sauce based dressing, a. because I really was in no mood to change, and b. because I also wanted to wear the tank with jeans to dinner that night.

After forking up a bite with a wee bit too much force though, the dressing deflected and a teeny drop landed on the one unguarded corner of my tank. Of course. Because why would it happen any other way?

I ultimately took it off, not because I care about stains, but because I was so afraid of the stain’s permanence that I immediately doused it in Shout, and I hate its smell.

That little proceeding got me thinking about stained clothing in general. I’m someone who loves a good white top (wearing one at this very moment actually), but I’m also one that somehow always manages to get a stain (and I can’t even hold my kid responsible for most of them—I’m a hot mess all on my own).

Obviously when you’re out and don’t have a change of clothes there’s not much you can do other than dab some seltzer on it and hope for the best, but what happens when you take out a seemingly clean piece from your closet only to notice a little stain out of the corner of your eye? You have a choice there. Do you or do you not put it on?

Personally, I consider a few factors. Is the stain noticeable or is it just my OCD that caught it? Was my heart set on that top? Do I have absolutely nothing else to wear? Am I running late and have no time to think so I have to throw it on and hope for the best?

Usually, if even one of those answers is in favor of wearing the stained article in question, I do it. I can’t help myself. And I’m a total neat freak, so this is actually really weird for me.

It just happened a few days ago with a Chloé dress that had a small brown stain at the back. And I wore a white sweater that had a chocolate stain on the sleeve a month ago to my sister in law’s graduation (I had my heart set on wearing it with Dries board shorts and couldn’t bring myself to change).

I just hate the thought of having to sacrifice something that you really want to wear all because of a teeny blemish. Like that tiny pimple right under your nose that’s just not worth covering up, some stains are just not worth paying attention to.

And hey, I’m not about to throw on a white blouse with a massive sauce stain front and center, but a shirt with a little ginger dressing stain on the bottom? Why not?

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I just hate the thought of having to sacrifice something that you really want to wear all because of a teeny blemish.


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