Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, Watch

Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, Watch

My biggest joke when I graduated law school was that they passed out a pair of spectacles with the diplomas. Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch? Yep, you had everything you were going to need for life now. Go forth and live.

Although I was kidding, after graduation (at the ripe old age of 25) I lined up with everyone else, discovered I couldn’t pass my driving test because I could no longer see what was right in front of my face thanks to years spent with my nose literally shoved in a book, and shelled out some serious cash for a new accessory I wasn’t even sure I wanted. For the longest time after that (five years to be exact) I just had the one pair of glasses the woman at my optometrist’s office had convinced me were cool (luckily she was the only optometrist’s assistant I’ve ever met who was also on the cutting edge of trends, either that or I just looked like a sucker willing to wear the weird shit). The idea of shelling out another $500 for lenses, frames, some reflection something or other and anything else I had been convinced I needed seemed like a waste of a good pair of Manolos. So I carried on switching between my glasses and contacts without any consideration of how they looked with my ensemble and my only care being where I was going, who I was going to see and how much my head hurt.

That is, until recently. You can blame it on a new-found concern for looking like I care, the introduction of retailers like Warby Parker ($95 frames, lenses included!) or a change in the weather. I honestly don’t know where this eyeglass obsession came from, but suffice it to say that these days I am a bona fide spectacle collector. I figure if I need them to see, I might as well try and pick ones that look, you know, good with what I am wearing. I mean, I spend an unreasonable amount of time laboring over what shoes to wear with a particular getup and those only go on my feet. Why have I been ignoring something that goes on my face for so long?

Luckily I can justify my collection by categorizing glasses as an accessory I actually need. I say this fully acknowledging that this logic is just about as sound as my argument that I need 50 pairs of shoes to cover my feet. But here’s the thing, sometimes wearing contacts for too long makes my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of their sockets and when that happens, I am going to need the right pair of spectacles on hand to get out the door. Am I right? Sooooo different than shoes.

— Lynsey Eaton

image 1 – glasses: Dior / lipstick: MAC Lip Pencil “Basic Red” and Maybelline The Elixir “Signature Scarlet” / jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim (on sale here) / rings: c/o Earthy Chic Boutique and vintage / nail polish: Essie “Lilacism”
image 2 – glasses: Warby Parker “Burke” in Tennessee Whisky / lipstick: DHC “OR112 Bold Persimmon” / dress: Carven
image 3 – glasses: Warby Parker “Chamberlain” in Saddle Sage / lipstick: DHC “RD109 Velvety Red” / shirt: American Colors (similar here) / necklace: Dannijo (similar here)
image 4 – glasses: Warby Parker “Duckworth” / lipstick: DHC “BE111 Rose Gold” / shirt: Nili Lotan / cuff: vintage (similar here) / necklace: Falling Whistles

  • JD

    Lynsey, you are adorable and those lenses are killer!! sometimes I WISH I needed glasses just to pull together an ensemble.

  • Dani

    Where did you go to law school at?!

    • Tomboy KC

      Pepperdine! xx LE

  • I had to start wearing glasses in high school…and I absolutely HATED them; I finally ended up having laser vision correction surgery so I wouldn’t need them anymore (contacts were never an option for me – I’m waaay too squeamish!!) My dislike was so severe that it’s only until very recently I’ve even warmed up to sunglasses…but I’m finally beginning to have fun with those!!



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