Sorella + Tomboy KC for

Sorella + Tomboy KC for

We aren’t that good at keeping secrets. When we have good news, be it ours or someone else’s, it’s very rare that we are able to make it very far without spilling the proverbial beans. We know our limits, so when approached us about collaborating on an eyewear line, keeping the whole process under wraps was harder than going back to yoga after a week spent eating hot-dogs and hamburgers at the Texas State Fair. But taking a cue from Nike we just did it, and the time has come to officially share what it is that we have been up to.

The Sorella + TOMBOY KC collection has officially launched, as we speak, on Aside from being easy on the eyes (pun most definitely intended), the collection is inspired by the most daring women we know. Women who are unconventional and complicated, and not just when it comes to fashion. They are inspiring because they dare to be themselves – thoughtful, inventive and more supportive than the entire lingerie department at Saks – and have encouraged us to stay true to who we are even when society tells us that it doesn’t like our sneakers. They are women who celebrate differences and revel in individuality. They are the kind of women we want to be. And presumably, because you are reading this, the kind of woman you want to be.

We can hardly wrap these women up into a single over-worded paragraph, so reducing their essence into a pair of frames took some work. Thanks to the killer team at, the Sorella + TOMBOY KC collection turned into the celebration of confident women we envisioned, with colors and shapes as varied and exciting as the ladies they were named for.

So if you are interested in having four eyes instead of two, we have the eyewear collection for you. Be sure and checkout the Sorella + TOMBOY KC collection on and stay tuned for the unveiling and naming of the 14th frame, a task we’ve put on you. Don’t freak out. Trust us, this isn’t the last you’ve heard about this. In the meantime, drop a note in the comment section and let us know which pair are your favs.

We can hardly wrap these women up into a single over-worded paragraph, so reducing their essence into a pair of frames took some work.

  • Nikole

    In love with the Garrisons. Will definitely be getting a pair in the teal tortoise shell style. Seriously, amazing work on all of them. Would get them all if I could. x

  • Can’t wait to go look at these. Ive been in the market for a new pair!

  • Ahh this is exciting! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Karen Cast

    Hands down favorite are the Cassidys! Great job on all of them though! Maybe watches are next? 😉 X

  • Úrsula

    No doubt these are glasses inspired and designed by daring women for daring women. I’m absolutely in love with their colors. Every single pair is wonderful, impossible to choose just one!

  • Anita

    I have to go with Jo. I love the variety of colors and metal frames. Great job ladies!

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!


  • Katya

    inspiring !


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