Something Has Been Bothering Me

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Something Has Been Bothering Me

There’s something that’s been nagging at me over the last few months. Sometimes it’s just a fleeting heaviness in my heart, nothing more than a feeling whose source is unknown, gone before it is fully dissected. But sometimes it is so powerful, so all-consuming, it takes everything in my being to not give up my career in its entirety. To not stop and scream, “There is so much more to living life,” as I conjure up a pithy on-liner or chat over lunch about a look-book.

I don’t mean to be dramatic. I’m not trying to minimize in any way the real joy I get from this community we’ve created on the internet or how truly blessed I am to have made this little corner of the universe my home – having spent five years practicing law, I am not oblivious to how amazing this life truly is.

What I am saying is that sometimes, as I read the news or watch as tables full of friends sit silently, interacting with others on their phones and completely missing interactions at their table, I become overwhelmed. And coming home to field calls related to what can be characterized in no way other than consumerism after reading divisive arguments about major issues seems so small. So not enough.

Over the last few months I’ve had countless conversations with friends, colleagues, family – really, anyone who would listen – about this concern. (Maybe concern isn’t the right word. Maybe I am more convicted. Or bothered. Or anxious. Or maybe I am some troubled combination of them all.)

I’ve had conversations with other influencers about what we could be doing differently. How we could use our platforms to discuss positive change. How we might use our influence to gather readers together to talk, laugh and experience life again, and not just through a photo or a collage. How we might encourage smart spending and saving, worldly involvement and deeper connections with others.

After every conversation, every brainstorming session, no matter who I am bouncing ideas off of, we always come to the same conclusion: Complaining about the state of things is easy, doing something about it is hard. I often leave feeling helpless. Stuck. But I refuse to let that be the end of it.

Which is where you come in. It’s time to widen the circle, if you will.

Assuming that you, too, are bothered by the lack of empathy in the world, the overuse of cellphones as communicative tools and the present state of <insert any worldly issue here>, we want your ideas.

What can we be doing? How can we use this community we’ve created and band together to affect change? What can you do to teach empathy? How can we help you do that?

We know this seems lofty. That isn’t lost on us. But we are interested in even the smallest of suggestions – directing new content, starting an online dialogue.

Thus far, the only concrete idea we have come up with that is still on the table is creating a national tour of like-minded influencers. Stopping in to cities (not just major ones) and hosting “Unplugged” dinners – dinners where you #CheckYourPhone at the door, meet other readers and participate in structured conversation about how to affect change, about each other, about differences. I don’t know if this is even possible, what the structure would look like or how we would fund it.  But the idea is a start.

Sure, we will continue to post #lifechanging products, chat style, welcome you into our homes and introduce you to inspiring women we’ve met…

But the truth is, we want to do more. We have to do more.

And we need your help to do that.

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What can we be doing? How can we use this community we’ve created and band together to affect change?

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  • Courtney

    Love the idea. We take each other’s actual physical presence for granted so often, it’s terrible. BUT since being on our phones 24/7 has become a HABIT, it just means we have to kick it and develop better habits. As for funding something like this, I think you’ll find a lot of women willing to help fund a night with some great company and stimulating conversation – if you provide the lock box for the phones. 😉

    • Lynsey

      Haha! Truth. We are working on it. Right now it’s the only tangible idea we’ve come up with but really like the idea…

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  • Raspberry_Swirl

    Tough question. The CS Monitor has a section called Take Action which profiles people trying to make a change and how people can help. I think part of the anxiety people feel is that the problems of the world feel overwhelming. However, we need to move forward and do what we can to make the world a better place.

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    I haven’t read this book yet, but people have recommended A Force for Good: The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World to me which tackles how we can change the world.

    There’s a quote I like which I can’t remember exactly about how it’s more important to never be defeated than it is to win. It’s a quote I try to keep in mind when I’m feeling challenged.

    • Lynsey

      Thanks for sharing. Will definitely look into it.


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