Why Size Doesn’t Matter

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Why Size Doesn’t Matter

I was at Elements a few weeks ago taking full advantage of their sale when I came across this blouse.  It was about four sizes too big for me (give or take), but not being one to take the tag in the back at its word, I put it on anyway. I just liked it that much.

Good news. It fit just the way I like them to – a little loose, enough to blouse when tucked in.  In fact, I don’t think I would have wanted it any smaller. Good thing I tried it on…

The thing is, I know many women who get caught up in the tag in the back. If they think they should be one size and can’t fit into it they just say no to the garment instead of trying one up. Or if they try on their “normal” size and it looks weird for one reason or another, going down or up a size never crosses their mind.

I’m not saying all women do this, but A LOT do. I’ve known very strong, smart and deserving women who have justified their existence based upon the number in the back of the garment. A number, might I add, that is placed there as an nonuniform guide as to where to start with your search. A number that could mean something entirely different from brand to brand on a garment that could look entirely different from body to body. And yet, that same unpredictable number, to them, is law.

It’s so… restricting.

Some of my favorite sweaters I’ve found in the mens department, styling them four sizes bigger than the designer intended or cutting them off to fit my petite frame. In fact, like this top, many of my favorite garments were just lucky try-ons.  I liked something, I eyeballed it, I tried it on, I got lucky.

So while the size is helpful. It’s a good indicator of where your search should start, it’s not law. And more importantly, it’s not some system upon which we should be measuring ourselves. This isn’t a golf game and smaller isn’t always better. What looks good and makes you feel good is, without fail, what’s best. Regardless of what the tag says.


In other news, if you love this top as much as I do, it appears that a retailer had quite a few left over (including several similar ones and an identical black maxi dress that is AMAZING) that they dumped on The Real Real for a rather deep discount all in multiple sizes. Head here to check it out.

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What looks good and makes you feel good is, without fail, what’s best. Regardless of what the tag says.

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jacket: Veda (from Elements)  |  top: R+R Studio (from Elements)  |  skirt: Jonathan Simkhai (from Elements)  |  mules: Gucci  |  clutch: DVF

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    I do this too…as long as the difference isn’t outrageous, it usually works out fine.

  • So with you on this, the sizes in my closet range from xs to L! Event this past weekend my mom got a pair of workout pants at The Rack from Puma that were labeled an XL, as she was showing them to me I said those do not look like an XL- they are only a smidget bigger around the waist than I would prefer a workout legging….but that doesn’t mean I am not a XL!

    • Lynsey

      EXACTLY. Amen.

  • Bianca

    Thank you for this post Lindsey. I’ll keep your words in my mind to my future purchases: size is just an indicator of where my search should start 🙂
    Often I refuse to buy a 38 or an M because that would mean that I am fat. And with that I fall to believe that I am less of a beautiful and stylish woman, but that is not true. I can be as stylish and confident as I choose to be. I need to keep bringing awareness into my shoppings and closet. Thank you again Linsey for this beautiful reminder.
    By the way, LOVE the manifesto of TKC
    Keep this awesome job!


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