A Signature Scent for the Home

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A Signature Scent for the Home

You know when you visit one of those really well branded hotels? You know what I’m talking about. The ones that considered every detail down to the way the carpet smells (literally). They always have a signature scent. A fragrance that is distributed throughout the space so that no matter where on the property you are, it is consistent. And no matter where in the world you are, were you to smell that smell again, you would be taken back.

Yeah, I want one of those.

I’ve always loved candles. But truth be told, I’ve always kind of just willy nilly bought whatever I liked and burned whatever I was in the mood for. No method. Just fragrance.

But as I have been packing things up and started noticing how many conflicting scents (and unused candles) we have floating around this space, I really started considering the genius of a signature scent. No concern over clashing smells. No deciding which candle to burn or what mist to spray the sheets. Everything is the same. Familiar.

So while I have decided that I want to start being strategic about the smells in this new house (less than three weeks!), the issue is what to commit to. This is serious, guys. It’s kind of like marrying a smell.

As a person who prefers to switch personal fragrances on the daily and takes joy in smelling new smells, adopting the idea seems counter-intuitive and, frankly, scary. But there’s just something about the minimalistic, simplicity of it all that just feels so chic and easy. And I want that.

So I’ve started looking. So far, the only scents I have come up with are a few I already own. But I am absolutely in the market.  I want something memorable, not super feminine, quality while not insanely expensive.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Diptyque Figuier – Aside from being one of my favorite scents out there, I love Diptyque because if you fall in love with a scent you can find it in just about any product for your home or person. Making it perfect for this whole, committing to one smell idea.
  2. Diptyque Tubereuse – Another Diptyque smell that I love. This one feels a littler stronger than the first. Trying to decide if that’s what I want…
  3. Le Labo Santal 33 – There’s no debate that this scent is the perfect mix of unisex amazingness. Plus, there are candles, home fragrance sprays and even laundry detergent thanks to a collab with my favorite, The Laundress.
  4. Niven Morgan Paris  –  A scent that transports you to Paris with just one smell thanks to its use of Blue Cypress and Absynthe. What more could you want in a smell for your humble abode?
  5. Baxter of California White Wood Number One – I’ve already got two of the candles because the smell is so easy on the senses and is woody without being too masculine.

And that’s all I’ve got people. Open to suggestions, recommendations, comments or witticisms. If you’ve got the perfect scent worth committing too, or just have thoughts on one of those I already love, help a sister out.

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So while I have decided that I want to start being strategic about the smells in this new house (less than three weeks!), the issue is what to commit to.

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Diptyque Figuier  |  Diptyque Tubereuse  |  Niven Morgan Paris  |  Le Labo Santal 33  |  Baxter of California White Wood Number One


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