Shopping When You’re Happy to be Bored

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Shopping When You’re Happy to be Bored

Boredom can be a dangerous thing, especially if that boredom finds you on an early summer Thursday, when the weather is nothing short of perfection so you’re in a great mood, and you’re roaming around Soho with a couple of hours to kill.

That was me a month ago. I was just bumming around downtown in between appointments, full bellied, and in wonderful spirits when I decided to take a stroll over to Howard Street to check in at Opening Ceremony. I never really get the chance to actually shop the store in person, and since I had an hour or two burn, I figured, why not?

This was late June, when the sales were already in full swing, and since I have this crazy aversion to messy sales racks (I prefer to shop sales online), I was confident that I wouldn’t even be tempted to spend a dollar. No, this would be just a browsing trip.

But I forgot to factor in my mood. When I’m bored but also super happy (heat and sun tend to do that to me) it’s like I have these shades on, ones that make everything look so pretty, even when it’s not always the case.

So these shades were making the sale racks at OC look super appetizing, and since the associate helping me had this wonderfully sweet accent (I believe she was Australian—they just sound so lovely), I was running to try shit on.

I walked out with this creamy sweatery thing that I told myself I’d wear all the time in the summer (false—I wore it once—New York summers are way too hot for a sweater), and in no time I was on to the next. I still had another dangerous hour to kill.

Next stop was In God We Trust on Lafayette Street. They’ve got the coolest thread earrings, and for whatever reason, I felt like I was in need of a reward (my mind tells me crazy things when I’ve taken a wee bit too many happy pills), so in under two minutes, I had myself one. That would’ve been okay since I actually wear the thing everyday, but once again, my euphoria had me on a shopping binge, and I didn’t just stop there. I also took a pair of sunnies and this silver cannabis earring too (I know).

Yes. Something’s totally wrong with me. And yes, I was on the verge of continuing this ridiculous binge over on Crosby Street (that’s where Rachel Comey’s store is), except when I looked at my watch I realized that I needed to be uptown in half an hour. Saved by the eye doctor.

Say it if you want to, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking: I preach and preach about not buying shit you don’t really need (except on vacation of course), and there I was doing just that, all because I had some time to kill and I was in this perfectly cheerful mood.

It’s just that, for me at least, boredom and happiness are a lethal combo. For my bank account’s sake, I’d much rather be bored and sad, or bored and pissed. I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I’d be a little bit richer.

Then again, I’d also never have this awesome earring. And come to think of it, maybe I’ll wear the sweater when I head to Connecticut for the weekend. I hear it gets pretty chilly at night.

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It’s just that, for me at least, boredom and happiness are a lethal combo. For my bank account’s sake, I’d much rather be bored and sad, or bored and pissed.

  • I agree that boredom and happiness are a lethal combo. I tend to be in this mood too when I go on an unplanned shopping spree!


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