The Plan for Our Living Room’s Giant Gallery Wall

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The Plan for Our Living Room’s Giant Gallery Wall

Now that we’ve picked a window color (we went with black! eek!), it is time to start considering some other major design elements. While I don’t intend to do all of the interior design and furniture decision-making up front, it does help to know what you want a room to look like when you are making other decisions – like floor color, cabinet design, fixtures, etc. – so I’ve put together some general ideas about the look I am going for.

To me, one of the most exciting (and difficult!) aspects of this design process is the opportunity to explore different styles. As I noted earlier, I really want this home to be a blend of traditional and eclectic modern pieces, all with a comfortable and liveable aesthetic. I don’t want anything to feel too precious or unusable.

The first “design board” (look at me being so official) I have been working on is for the living room. Probably the room most affected by our window color decision, it is an open concept room with a lot of windows that includes a breakfast nook as well as the kitchen (more to come on that next week).  We have decided to stain the white oak floors a more lighter natural color so as to keep the room light and bright.

The sectional and the coffee table are the ones we currently have in our living room. I love them both so they are staying put.

The Jack Chair’s from Schoolhouse Electric are a dream item.  I have been obsessed with them for so long and they are exactly what I am thinking of when I think of this modern/traditional mix.  That said, they are a fortune.  I am still in the market to see if I can find something similar or that I love equally, but until then I am just trying to cut down the budget in as many ways possible so I might be able to squeeze them in.  If we do, they will definitely be my furniture splurge of the entire project.

Which brings me to the art.

While I still want to keep the room neutral (white walls all around!), a room this big needs something to set it apart.  So, in keeping with my Soho Little Beach House inspiration, it was clear the focal point of the room had to be a giant gallery wall.

Yes. That Soho House Malibu gallery wall is pure magic.

But where does one obtain over 20 pieces of art while trying to maintain a budget (those Jack Chairs, after all).  Luckily, I ran across Society6 and think my problems have been solved.  I’ve started creating a wishlist full of art from different genres in different sizes and frames (the key to a good gallery wall) and the prices are so incredibly affordable, I think I might be able to pull it off.  I’ve thrown just a few of my favorites above but am still narrowing down the finalists.  Thoughts?

Maybe there’s actually a shot I can make our gallery wall just as magical as the one in Malibu…


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I really want this home to be a blend of traditional and eclectic modern pieces, all with a comfortable and liveable aesthetic. I don’t want anything to feel too precious or unusable.

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sectional: Jonathan Adler  |  art: Society6  |  coffee table: Crate & Barrel  |  chair: Schoolhouse Electric

  • Jess

    I love gallery walls! I’m collecting things for when I actually have enough suitable wall space to make it happen. Besides prints (Etsy is also a goldmine for cool and original prints! You could even have a modern family portrait illustration done) I also like hanging other things, fancy postcards (like William Morris prints), StoryTiles, pressed flowers in glass frames, embroidery hoops (sounds lame I know, but there is some pretty badass cross stitching to be found).. so many options! Basically I like it when there are personal things mixed in there as well.

    • Jess

      Also: excellent choice on the black windows!

      • Lynsey

        Thank you! I am pretty stoked about the choice.

        And I agree. One of the biggest things I love about the one pictured here is how it includes so many OTHER non-traditional types of art. It adds interest. Not to mention helps with the spacial planning – this project is not a small one.


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