The Plan for Our Dining Room

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The Plan for Our Dining Room

One of the rooms I am most excited about in the new house is the dining room.  We’ve never had a proper dining space so, as a girl who loves to throw dinner parties (even if that means moving the couch to accomodate a table), this is huge.

In keeping with our Soho House inspiration (read all about it here), I had this very not-so-clear vision of a Soho Farmhouse dining room in my head.  A very modern farmhouse, if you will.  One look at any of the Soho House dining rooms and it becomes clear that this is not exactly the easiest mix to visualize or come by. Good pick, Eaton.

If you’ve been following along, then you know that the biggest challenge with this massive project is that we are doing it ourselves. No interior designer on staff here.  Which is awesome, but also incredibly scary when this isn’t your day job.

One of the big things we’ve been doing is seeking out free design services from stores or e-tailers to help plan the whole thing out.  You would be surprised at how many places have incredibly talented designers on staff to help. I had no idea there was all this free advice out there, no strings attached.

Point being, I recently discovered that Erdos at Home here in Dallas has an in-store design studio – aptly dubbed John + Co. – where you can basically design your dining room furniture down to the leg. Seriously guys. You can design anything you want – any size, style, or color. They even have an online space planner to help you with your floor plan.

Last week I had a meeting with John Erdos at the John + Co. in-store studio to start the design process for our table and chairs and I left with basically the entire room planned out (go figure).  Literally.  Right down to the rug.  When asked about our lighting plans, I even made an off-the-cuff comment that they wouldn’t have the turn-of-the-century chandelier I had in my head. The designer clearly took this as a personal challenge and they found it (see above), and it’s perfect.

Something that I thought was sure to take months to figure out was done (and perfect) in an hour.

Mind. Blown.

We are meeting next week to finalize the details and actually place our order (eek!) but here is what we are currently thinking:

  • I have had my eye on that Ellie Cashman black floral wallpaper since I first saw it on Instagram. Obsessed doesn’t begin to cover it. Since we are going with black windows and painting the cabinets black (more on that soon), it feels meant to be. Although, thoughts on maybe opting for Ellie’s less obvious blue and coral paper in the first photo instead? Could be unexpected and cool paired with the white wainscoting and black windows…
  • The turn-of-the-century chandelier was a must to achieve that Soho House glamour. Thank you John + Co. for finding it. I’m considering that piece a lock.
  • We currently are planning a very traditional table and rug with more modern chairs.  I am obsessed with the look, but my husband thinks I am turning the dining room into an old lady palace with the floral wallpaper and more traditional table. While I am still partial to this look, there might be a change before all is finalized because he does have to eat in here too, after all. Maybe I can keep the rug and just make the table a little more transitional?  Thoughts?

Now that we have made the decision with respect to the windows and have started planning out these rooms (so many more to go), I am slowly becoming more and more confident that we can do this. Only five months to go…

Make sure you are following along on Instagram Stories to see the behind scenes of the planning process and chime in with your advice… clearly we need it.

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We’ve never had a proper dining space so, as a girl who loves to throw dinner parties (even if that means moving the couch to accomodate a table), this is huge.

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all furniture being designed with Erdos at Home  |  chandelier: Noir via Erdos at Home  |  rug: ED Ellen Degeneres via Erdos at Home  |  wallpaper: Ellie Cashman

  • Jess

    I’m loving all the house updates. 1) I prefer the blue wallpaper, I think the dash of coral makes it a bit warmer and inviting 2) I can see how the traditional table makes it a little *too* granny. I would keep the rug and floral wallpaper, and maybe do a mid century table as well? Or something that still has the traditional table leg details, but a bit sleeker.

    • Lynsey

      Thanks! It is actually really fun to be adding them and getting everyone’s input, so glad you are enjoying them as well.

      I think I am with you on both the paper and the table. We are headed into Erdos at Home this afternoon to *finalize* and I think we might go a slightly more modern direction with the table.


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